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New To Playing A Werewolf?

Werewolves are the aggressors of the Lunarlites in the sense that they are the fighters of the group. They tend to protect what they hold dear more closely than others and have the strength to back up what they hold important. Werewolves are cursed and have a war form that they are forced to submit to when the Full Moon rises but can also be forced to shift if they suffer from a strong emotional or even traumatizing response.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Bacterial Bite/Scratch:
In their War Form, a werewolves are able to turn the bacteria that they produce in their bodies to infect the target through their Saliva or through their nails and make them gravely ill once contact is made. If the target is not treated within 2-3 days with a sickness that can last up to a weak leaving the target weak, dizzy and also mentally weakened due to the strain on the body. (This ability does not stack, therefore the amount of scratches or bites will not change how strong the infection is.) 

Deafening Howl:
In their War Form, a werewolf is able to howl much louder and temporarily disorientate a target if they are within 10m of range. The target is disorientated for one-two post rounds and cause anywhere from complete body paralysis due to the sensory overload or can cause their vision to blur and make it hard for them to see. 

Heart of Rage: Werewolves are able to use the anger and adrenaline that they feel to temporarily turn off their pain receptors and fight without feeling pain. Please note that this does not mean they cannot be harmed but the damage dealt to them wont be processed momentarily Once the emotions and adrenaline have simmered they will feel whatever damage they endured all at once and can even leave them weak with fatigue for at least 24 hours or more in addition to the damage taken.

Agility:Like any predator in nature, Werewolves are known for their supple physicality, innate balance, and graceful command of their bodies. This agility empowers them to jump farther than most, grants a slight boost to speed, and allows them to perform flips and dodges with greater ease. A healthy shifter always lands on their feet.

Superhuman Might:Possessing physical strength greater than any other supernatural species, shifters are known for their raw might. On average, a shifter can lift triple the weight of a healthy adult human, and any given shifter will possess a remarkable grip. With virtually zero effort, a healthy shifter can shatter the bones of those they've succeeded in grasping.


Werewolves experience heightened senses, including sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. They can see farther, smell subtle scents, hear nearly inaudible sounds, taste new depths of flavor, and can be hypersensitive to touch. This constant overstimulation is overwhelming and possibly one of the reasons they are known for having short fuses. Pups and yearlings, in particular, can struggle with adjusting to the new world this creates. 

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.


Silver causes burns and causes more damage the longer it touches the skin. If silver is placed upon a Werelwolve for at least a few minutes it can agitate them enough to force a shift into their War Form.

Wolfs Bane:
Works as a toxin and can weaken Werevwolves in small doses..  In larger doses it can cause the Werewolve to become gravely ill and can become lethal if not treated by a Shaman or Magister within 3-5 days

Emotions are harder to manager for Werewolves.  Strong emotional triggers can cause someone to be forced to shift into their War Form if the emotions are intense enough or if there is strong enough fear instilled causing them to do so in a defensive manner. Werewolves do not take kindly to being challenged and can find it hard to back down from one due to their emotions

Retinal Flare:
Any camera, whether analog or digital and whether still or video photography, captures the tell-tale reflective retinal glare of shifter eyes. From police reviewing footage at a crime scene to a cashier checking the live video feed behind the counter of their convenience store, there are infinite ways for a shifter to get 'made' as the supernatural creature they are. Wearing contacts or glasses can help mitigate this weakness, but caution must always be taken. In the era of TikTok and random strangers streaming live and taking selfies in every public place, this is a real threat.


Overwhelming senses:
Being in a large crowd for a period of time can make the Werewolves senses start to go awol, disorienting them. Loud sounds are extra loud, smells are heightened but cannot pinpoint, sight can get blurred, etc.


Sanguivore Blood: 

Through Ingestion, cause werewolves to suffer the effects of the blood the Sanguivore last had and would take longer for the effects to wear off as the blood messes with the Werewolves metabolism and take 2-3 days to fully filter out the body. Please see Sanguivore blood effects here.

have a significantly higher metabolism and experience heightened appetites. The longer they go without eating the more they start to  feel an unending unquenchable hunger. Drugs and alcohol have little to no effect on werewolves unless consumed in copious amounts however does not last more then 2-3 hours.


Werewolves have a human appearance and don’t look any different than other humans. Some Werewolves may be on the more muscular side while some may not be. There are some that may try to keep their human appearance feel or feel more like their animal counterpart so some may wear fur, some feathers, some may have their teeth surgically sharpened or keep their nails long and sharp, etc.


  • Werewolves, like other Lunarlites, age more slowly than humans and can live to hundreds of years of age, though they are not immortal.

  • Werewolves appear completely human when they are in their human form.

  • Werewolves tend to have a higher body temperature and their skin can feel hotter to the touch than the average human

  • Werewolves are not born and can turn others into a Werewolf through means like bites, scratches, etc. 

  • Some Werewolves tend to be more aggressive and temperamental, though overall Werewolves have a much harder time controlling and regulating their emotions.

  • For Werewolves shifting is not painful due to the amount of emotional distress and adrenaline that can run through a Werewolve when they shift into their War Form.

  • Werewolves tend to fall prey to their basic instincts and will usually react without thinking or going based on how their animalistic counterpart would react normally in nature.


Werewolves have a higher metabolism and as a result, need to take in larger quantities of nutrients to stay healthy, strong, and in tip-top shape. Depending on what animal they are, some may turn to meats and proteins while others may be more vegetarian and even some being vegan. Regardless of the choice of method, they are able to sustain and keep their hunger at bay so long as they are well-fed. The longer they go without feeding the easier it is for them to lose a hold on their emotions and in return more prone to shifting without meaning to.


Werewolves cannot be born and can only be made through the means of a Bite or Scratch. An accidental Bite or Scratch will not turn someone as there must be the intent in mind for it to take affect as the body will create a toxin in the body that would infect the target once the intent has been created and fostered within the Werewolf.

The following can be turned into a Werewolf:

(Please remember that OOC Consent is needed before being able to turn someone)

Moon Effects

Werewolves under the Full Moon go through a forced shift as they feel the pull of the moon and the rush of nature coursing through their veins and causes the humanity within them to submit to the beast that dwells within. Werewolves shift into a War Form when they have shifted and will be more aggressive, easily agitated and only act/react within primal responses. In War Form, a Werewolf is at their strongest but also their most vulnerable as well.

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