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New To Playing A Spectral?

Spectrals are often compared to poltergeists with how they tend to find themselves around mischief or causing it. Spectrals enjoy emotional distress and also enjoy haunting locations either to make feeding easier or for the fun of it. Some Spectrals tend to hang around the Cemetery as they feel closer to home and the Spirit Realm, especially during the Full Moon where the Realms are more aligned together between the Living and Dead. Often times, they can be found repulsed by the living as there are some that feel cheated by life and bamboozled by death due to them having passed on but being stuck to their living body still by a tether. 

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Haunting Grounds: Spectrals are able to haunt a location that they choose and cause bad luck to take place in that location, cause spirits to antagonize their target and cause emotional distress for their target. (Please note that OOC Consent must be obtained for Residential/Businesses and cannot effect more than a 20m area and only affect one location at at a time.)

Immateriality: Spectrals have the ability to go through walls as well as have objects phase through them as well. (Please note that this ability is not passive and would require concentration to use. In addition can be used twice in combat however is draining to use due to rapid succession of use.)

Possession: This gives the Spectral the ability to possess another person. This includes having them move around and talk. While the Spectral is in possession of their target, the target is awake and will remember what was done but not by who had done it without the help of an Ethereal. This ability does not work on those with stronger mental fortitude.  (Please remember that this is an OOC Consent must and harm to the target cannot be caused without agreement of both parties.)

Deceased Conversationalist: Spectrals are able to communicate with the dead and are able to relay information from the dead on to the living. (Please note if you are using information of another character and not NPC info, please make sure to obtain OOC Consent from that player.)

Spiritual Fine Line: Spectrals are able to dance between the realms of the spirits and the realm of the living and interact with spirits in their own realm. Additionally, Spectrals are able to still see the living realm but it is a distorted and warped version of it and how it is viewed is different between Spectrals. They are able to see the living as hollow almost ghostly figures but cannot hear whats going on as all they hear are overlapping voices that make it impossible to discern what is being said. (Please note that OOC Consent is required for anywhere that is private or otherwise would normally be out of reach.)

Ghostly Companions: Spectrals are able to take up to 1-2 beings into the Spiritual Realm with them and see what the Spectrals sees and hears what the Spectral hears as well. Additionally they can only go where the Spectral goes as they are not able to travel freely on their own. They can only bring the being in for 3-4  hours before the being starts to be affected  after the 4 hour mark and will begin losing life force and die if they are not out within 6 hours.. At 2 hours warning signs will start to show the being will begin to feel like they are dissociating and will continue to progress from there. (How fast they are affected and how severe it is up to player creativity but after 5-6 posts signs must start to show)

Flight/Levitation: Spectrals have the ability to be able to fly or levitate though they do not grow tired from being able to do so and can do so with ease as well.

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.


Purified Salt: Treated Salt under the right process/rituals from Magisters can be used to weaken Spectrals and even cause them to be unable to access a small area. Prevent them from entering a room or can even used as protection against a Spectral. Spectrals are unable to touch Purified Salt or move past it on their own.


Mirrors: A portal between worlds that can be felt by those that are tied to the spirit realm. For Spectrals its a calling, a whisper, a reminder of the line they walk between, Being in front of a mirror  causes an ability to be taken from them for 24-48 hours and takes a piece of their soul as well.  Mirrors also show the true form of the Spectral behind the husk.

Static Noise: Static is almost like an aphrodisiac for the Spectrals, something thats hard for them to ignore and draws their attention when heard. If surrounded by a large frequency of static noise, they can feel themselves be compelled to go to that location as if being serenaded and can fight it but musters alot of strength to do so. Ignoring it successfully leaves them feeling confused and disorientated for up to 2 hours. 

Purified Water: Treated water under the right process/rituals from Magisters can be used to harm a Spectral. Purified Water is the equivalent of poison for a Spectral and if in large doses can kill them. If given in small doses it can weaken them and dull their abilities. If applied to their being whether in large or small doses temporarily nulls their ability to phase through objects.

Tethered Lifelines: Spectrals are tethered to the husk that they use which would be the body that they had before they passed. This tether between the husk and the Spectral can be temporarily severed with help of an enchanted item from a Magister, if successfully done would cause the Spectral to temporarily unable to access their husk and eventually cause the Spectral to die as they need the tether to keep both aspects of them alive as the Spectral keeps the Husk alive, animated and like a living body still and keeps the Spectral able to remain with the living


Spectrals are a mystery as their appearances are rarely seen unless shown intentionally or if caught by a mirror. With the mystery on how they truly look, it varies on what a Spectral truly looks like aside from horrific, ghostly and unnerving. The Husk that they tether to is the body they had before they passed and looks like a normal human however, similar to vampires their hair, skin and appearance remains to how it was before they passed and while they can change their hair, have tattoos, etc itll revert the next day causing the Spectral to have to maintain the appearance they desire for their Husk.


  • Mischievous Behavior: They are notorious for their mischievous and sometimes malevolent actions, such as moving objects, creating loud noises, or causing disturbances in their surroundings.

  • Electromagnetic Interference: Spectrals are often associated with disruptions in electronic devices, such as flickering lights, malfunctioning appliances, or interference with electronic communication.

  • Temperature Fluctuations: Their presence may be accompanied by sudden drops or increases in temperature, leading to cold spots or unexplained warmth in the environment.

  • Object Manipulation: Spectrals have been known to manipulate physical objects without any visible means, such as levitating items, opening or closing doors, or throwing objects across the room.

  • Intangibility: They can pass through solid objects without any hindrance, allowing them to move freely through walls, doors, or other barriers.

  • Ectoplasmic Residue: In some folklore, spectrals leave behind a slimy or gelatinous substance known as ectoplasm, which is believed to be a residue of their presence or manifestation.

  • Haunting Locations: Spectrals are often associated with specific locations, such as old houses, abandoned buildings, or sites of tragic events, where they may linger for years or even centuries.

  • Emotional Manifestation: Some interpretations suggest that spectrals are drawn to emotional energy, and their activity may intensify during times of heightened emotions or stress.

  • Limited Communication: While some spectrals may attempt to communicate through sounds, whispers, or messages written in various mediums, their communication is often cryptic or difficult to understand.


Spectrals feed on the energy of the living and need to feed in order to keep their Tether strong, healthy and give more  durability from being severed. Spectrals can often be found putting their target through emotional distress to feed off of their energy. When a Spectral is feeding off of their target, they will feel the pull of their energy and also become groggy, sleepy, tired etc.


Spectrals cannot be turned into but can be created. In order for a Spectral to be created, the living creature must have a strong will to remain alive and in turn causes a temporary moment for the Spectral to form when the creature has died. In that moment, a pair of Magisters must assist with creating a tether so that they can remain attached to their body, causing it to become their Husk and able to reanimate and preserve so long as they are tethered together. Once the tether has been created, the Spectral will be weak for up to 24 hours before their abilities come in. The tether must be created within 48 hours of the passing of the living creature.

Any race can become a Spectral except for the Shadowkin.

Moon Effects

Full Moon: Spectrals feel the pull of the Spirit Realm during a Full Moon and are closer to the Spirit Realm on these days as the realms are more aligned. During a Full Moon, a Spectral is able to freely roam without their Husk and are more physical during this time meaning they are able to interact with objects easier but are also able to be interacted with more easily as well. As they are the duality of life and death, they are also a duality of living and dead making them stronger but also more vulnerable during this time.

New Moon: During the New Moon, Spectrals feel the furthest from the Spirit Realm and in return it causes them to be at their weakest, abilities not as strong and their hunger for energy even more enticing. Spectrals can find solace in the cemetery during the New Moon as being surrounded by death eases them and can cause a hunting ground for unsuspecting visitors during the New Moon.

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