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New To Playing a Siren?

Among the Maritines, the Sirens stand as a haunting reminder of the dangers that lurk beneath the waves. Born of the forbidden union between humans and Mer, Sirens possess a unique duality, with a human's upper body and a fish's lower body. Their siren songs luring unsuspecting sailors to their doom. Sirens are notorious for their vindictive nature, harboring deep-seated grudges and seeking revenge against those who wrong them but aren't evil themselves. They delight in trickery, using their seductive voices and enchanting appearances to ensnare humans and lead them astray. However, their wrath knows no bounds when they feel slighted, and they are quick to unleash their fury upon those who cross them. 

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

  • Formshift: Can take the form of a hybrid being (a natural form that is half human/half fish) or completely human appearing when they are submerged with water or mostly submerged in water. Light condensation of water may not turn them.

  • Enthralling Song: Sirens possess a mesmerizing voice that can ensnare the minds of those who hear it, compelling them to heed the Siren's call and follow them wherever they may lead. This ability is often used to lure unsuspecting sailors to their doom, drawing them closer to the treacherous waters where the Siren lies in wait. (OOC Consent and those with mental abilities have an easier time fighting against this)

  • Vengeful Vendetta: Sirens, fueled by their deep-seated grudges, unleash their wrath upon those who wrong them with unyielding determination. This puts the Siren into a blind rage where they are only able to focus on their target until either the target has been sufficiently harmed or out of grasp. Because they are so focused on their target, it leaves them vulnerable. (Sirens can be soothed out of this ability as well)

  • Sea Creature Form: Maritines have the ability to shift into a water based sea animal of their choosing and use that as a means to either fight or travel underwater as well. 

  • Hydrokinesis: The ability to manipulate water at will, shaping it into various forms or controlling its movement.

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

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