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New To Playing A Shifter?

Shifters are the all-around of the Lunarlites where they are a bit more offensive and also defensive. Shifters can turn into only one land animal and are in tune with the instincts and behaviors of the animal that calls to them. Shifters tend to be protectors as well, typically finding someone they bond with and staying at their side in times of danger, though Shifters can often be seen roaming in their animal form or can be seen in various antics, some even tend to be competitive as well.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Powered by an awesome metabolism and constant intake of the highly concentrated nutrition of meat and blood, shifters possess amazing regenerative abilities. They are essentially immune to mortal illnesses, their heightened systems eliminating most bacteria and viruses without a hitch. In extreme situations, they may even be able to heal from severed limbs should someone with appropriate skill reattach the limb in time for the regenerating cells to bond

Healing Saliva:
This allows the Shifter to have Saliva that heals wounds. Licking over wounds heals the skin of the injured. Bite marks and wounds heal almost instantly, however if the wound is much larger, it takes a bit longer and a bit more licks to help close and heal. The wound must be fresh and no more than 1 In Character hour. No previous wounds or scars.


Sonic Boom: 
The shifter's voice, bark, or howl can be concentrated into a pressure wave of sound that may stun a victim or summon other shifters from some distance away.

The shifter may freeze in place and blend visually with their surroundings, making them temporarily invisible so long as they are not moving.

Is able to shift into two forms:

Partial Form: where they have some animalistic traits in their human form( Claws, A tail, Slit eyes, etc) In this form they dance the line between their human form and their animal form, the more traits they show the more they risk shifting completely. They are able to show 2 traits at most before full shift takes place.

Animal Form: They are able to shift into one singular land animal or aerial based animal and depending on the animal may be a slighter larger version of the animal. When in an animal form, they are not able to speak human language and can only speak the way that animal normally would and are more in tune with the instincts of the animal and retain some human instinct as well. In this form, it is a dance and the longer they stay in this form the more they think and act like that animal. 

What stops most creatures from superhuman feats of flexibility? The wear and tear on their bodies, certainly, combined with the discomfort or even pain accompanying the stretch. Given that all shifters routinely break down and rebuild their entire physical bodies within minutes, they are capable physically of extreme displays of contortionism similar to double-jointed individuals.

Like any predator in nature, shifters are known for their supple physicality, innate balance, and graceful command of their bodies. This agility empowers them to jump farther than most, grants a slight boost to speed, and allows them to perform flips and dodges with greater ease. A healthy shifter always lands on their feet.

Superhuman Might:
Possessing physical strength greater than any other supernatural species, shifters are known for their raw might. On average, a shifter can lift triple the weight of a healthy adult human, and any given shifter will possess a remarkable grip. With virtually zero effort, a healthy shifter can shatter the bones of those they've succeeded in grasping.


Shifters experience heightened senses, including sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. They can see farther, smell subtle scents, hear nearly inaudible sounds, taste new depths of flavor, and can be hypersensitive to touch. This constant overstimulation is overwhelming and possibly one of the reasons they are known for having short fuses. Pups and yearlings, in particular, can struggle with adjusting to the new world this creates. 

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

Dire Form: When using Dire Form the animal that the Shifter can turn into turns in a larger version of itself and can grow 2-3x times its normal size feet. In this form they are slightly stronger and faster  though the trade off for this ability is that they grow hungrier and are more in tune with their animal counterpart thus making it more of a challenge to sway them to shift back at times.


Silver causes burns and causes more damage the longer it touches the skin. If silver is placed upon a Shifter while in their animal form, even if only placed against their skin for a moment will force them back into their human form. (Silver can also cause an emotional trigger for someone to shift into their War Form From their Animal Form as well)

Wolfs Bane:
Works as a toxin and can slow a shifter's ability to regenerate and in medium doses can temporarily stop a shifter’s ability to regenerate.  In larder doses can cause the shifter to become gravely ill and can become lethal if not treated by a Shaman or Magister.

Emotions are hard to manage for Shifters regardless of the animal that they relate to. Some animals may give an easier time than others but ALL shifters are bound to their emotions. Strong emotional triggers can cause someone to be forced to shift into their Animal Form. If the emotions are intense enough or if there is strong enough fear instilled.

Retinal Flare:
Any camera, whether analog or digital and whether still or video photography, captures the tell-tale reflective retinal glare of shifter eyes. From police reviewing footage at a crime scene to a cashier checking the live video feed behind the counter of their convenience store, there are infinite ways for a shifter to get 'made' as the supernatural creature they are. Wearing contacts or glasses can help mitigate this weakness, but caution must always be taken. In the era of TikTok and random strangers streaming live and taking selfies in every public place, this is a real threat.


Overwhelming senses:
Being in a large crowd for a period of time can make the shifter's senses start to go awol, disorienting them. Loud sounds are extra loud, smells are heightened but cannot pinpoint, sight can get blurred, etc


Shifters have a significantly higher metabolism and experience heightened appetites. The longer they go without eating the more they start to  feel an unending unquenchable hunger. Drugs and alcohol have little to no effect on werewolves unless consumed in mass quantities, and it’s nearly impossible for a Shifter to become addicted to non-magically enhanced substances. 


Shifters have a human appearance and don’t look any different than other humans. Some Shifters may be on the more muscular side while some may not be. There are some shifters that may try to keep their human appearance feel more like their animal counterpart so some may wear fur, some feathers, some may have their teeth surgically sharpened or keep their nails long and sharp, etc. When emotions flare, there is a chance for them to partial shift and if not careful full shift or worse.

(It is up to the players on what parts of their body partial shift however anything past 2-3 characteristics showing would push them into a full shift


  • Shifters, like other Lunarlites, age more slowly than humans and can live to hundreds of years of age, though they are not immortal.

  • Shifters appear completely human when they are in their human form.

  • Shifters tend to have a higher body temperature and their skin can feel hotter to the touch than the average human

  • Shifters are only born and cannot turn others into a Shifter through means like bites, scratches, etc. 

  • Shifters can be less or more susceptible to illness depending on the animal that they are, can heal quickly regardless of the animal they are, and can also heal slightly faster in their human form than the average human. Injuries that take place carry over to each form. (If a leg is injured in their animal form when they turn back to their human form, the leg will still be injured as well)

  • Shifting is painful as it reconstructs the body and bones to contort and change into the animal they are and back. That pain can be doubled when shifting into their warform but depending on circumstance, emotions may be able to temporarily numb the change into their warform to be felt once they have come out of their warform. The older a Shifter is the less the shifting hurts and the younger they are the more it hurts

  • A Shifter's first shift typically happens around 16-18 years old and is the most memorable shift as it is the most painful and at times can be very lethal and dangerous for those around. Their first shift is the only shift that is forced by the full moon and are not in control of their emotions as animal instincts fully take control of the shifter upon their first shifter. Not all shifters may end up shifting around this time and having those with a delayed first shift can happen. Shifters in their adulthood will experience an “Awakening” one full moon as the beast takes hold of them for the first time randomly within their adult life. (It is up to player when this takes place)


Feralites  are able to reproduce with the following races:


They are not able to reproduce with the following races:

Vampires (Due to reproductive organs no longer functioning)
Mythics (Due to the complex and non-compatible DNA or lack of physical ability of these races)


There is the potential for Hybrids however it would only be for appearance and does not have an effect on abilities in the sense of making them stronger or weaker, only that they would only have the abilities of one race or the other. 


Have a higher metabolism and as a result need to take in larger quantities of nutrients to stay healthy, strong and at tip top shape. Depending on the animal that they are, some may turn to meats and proteins while others may be more vegetarian and even some being vegan. Regardless of choice of method they are able to sustain and keep their hungers at bay so long as they are well fed. The longer they go without feeding the easier it is for them to lose a hold on their emotions and in return more prone to shifting without meaning to. In addition the longer they go without eating, the weaker they can be as well.

Moon Effects

Shifters do not have a forced shift but they are very easily swayed by the calling of the beast within them and feel a yearn to be in their animal form, free and unrestricted. Shifters during this time feel the desire to be far from their human form and are alot more on edge with their emotions, their hunger is increased and tempers can easily flare during this time. If a Shifter suppresses the urge to shift too many Full Moons in a row can cause the Shifter to feel lost, disconnected and may have a harder time shifting as a result.

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