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Rules of Conduct

These are the rules that serve as the foundation of the Organization that help keep them unified, consistent and also accountable. Please be aware that Rules may be added or changed where needed so please make sure to check in here in the event that takes place and announcement will be made as well with any changes.

Rule 1

The Delvoidus Organization believes in no one left behind. Regardless of position, level of stature, we all look out for one another and take care of one another. At the end of the day we have each others backs and we must be a team.

Rule 2

Information that is obtained in the Delvoidus Organization may at times be confidential. If or when sharing things with Significant Others or Family, please make sure to use the upmost discretion and be mindful of what you share. Please note that any confidential information you share causes a security risk for your fellow members or the Organization that you will be held accountable and responsible for it.

Rule 3

Treason will be handled swiftly and severely as there is no tolerance for Treason at any level. If you are part of the Delvoidus Organization, your loyalty is to the Organization and to those that you protect or work alongside with. If you suspect treason please bring it up to your  Division's Custo's or Princeps/Secundo Princeps.

Rule 4

Un Authorized personnel are not allowed within the Delvoidus Organization unless with strict approval from your Division's Custos, or from the Princeps/Secundo Princeps. If any Un Authorized personnel is found within the Organization building, they will be captured and treated as a potential threat. 

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