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Roleplay Etiquette 

Post Order, What is it?

Post order is typically the order in which posts will come in for those that are involved in the Roleplay Scene. Post order is typically the order in which posts will come in for those that are involved in the Roleplay Scene.

For Example if Dante, Pikize and Odette are in a scene, they will decide among each other who will post first second and third and keep to that order to help everyone involve keep a good flow and so its easy to respond to everyone and keep things in an order that makes sense. Post orders are encouraged though the only time post order may be forgone and done different is during events as its hard to keep a post order when theres alot to do, unpack and not enough time unfortunately.

If you are walking into a scene with 2+ people its always good to establish what the current post order is so you know who to post after and slip on in with your own post, if asking is too intimidating? Dont worry, you arent the only one who feels that way, it happens. The other thing you can do is wait till the people in the scene you are entering have all posted and post in after that person so that you would know to continue to post after that person before you

ERP in Public Spaces

It is no secret that we are on an Adult Sim, with Adult Topics and Adult Scenarios that can take place. HOWEVER, please be mindful of the fact that not everyone wants to see ERP, not everyone is comfortable with ERP. 

Public Spaces can hold ERP scenes however each Business Owner has the right to decide if ERP can or cannot happen at their Business and that MUST be respected whether they are present at the Business or not and the Business Owner must respect that as well. They cannot tell people not to ERP at their business and then ERP their themselves.

Additionally, its understandable if you are carrying out an ERP scene in Nearby Chat however, If someone comes into chat range please switch to DMs. If someone is coming into a place that you are having an ERP scene in a public space do not just carry out the scene and assume its fine. Please reach out to the player and give them the heads up that an ERP Scene is currently taking place and ask if they are ok with seeing ERP and do not assume the person wants to join in on the scene if they say they are alright with seeing it. MAKE SURE to ask if the person wants to be involved or how they wish to go about the ERP Scene if they agree with you still carrying it out. IF THEY DO NOT WISH TO SEE IT SWITCH TO DMS.


Dark RP/ Dark ERP

Unless in ALLL in Chat Range Agree to see said DARK RP/DARK ERP and/or participate in the scene both MUST be in DMs if even one single person disagrees with seeing it or participating in it. DARK RP/ DARK ERP is not to be in nearby chat unless you are somewhere that is designated for DARK RP/ERP and if you are unsure if a specific location is or not please assume its not unless advised by Admin Staff differently.

No one should be exposed to Dark RP or Dark ERP without their consent as everyone has different triggers, limits and things that they are comfortable with and is not fair for anyone to have that be thrown in on them unexpectingly.

Additionally please make sure to give a trigger warning and reaching out to confirm with the player if they are ok with it FIRST before mentioning dark/triggering topics in a scene as its not fair to have someone randomly stumble onto that in a post.


Being A Business Owner

Every business owner is in charge of their businesses and must allow players to work at their business. If you are using a Business Rental or a Sim Owned Business Rental you are not allowed to be the only one working there. .It is open for players to apply to. If you feel you have too many of one position at a business please notifiy Admin FIRST before declining players.

When you are not present or active players that work there are not present, the business will be ran by NPCs. If you have specific requirements for how NPCs are done at your business please have that stated. With that in mind due to different time zones, schedules etc ALL BUSINESSES ARE 24 HOURS.

You are allowed to decline players for IC REASONS from working at your business at your discretion as we cannot force you to hire anyone just as you cannot force anyone to work at a specific business. HOWEVER they must make sense, they must be valid and they must not be OCC fueled. If there are OOC concerns then please address it to admin staff. If we notice there are is a pattern of declines due to things like (And are not limited to) Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, specific characters of a player being declined, etc we will give you only one warning before being asked to step down if it continues. While you are able to hire or not hire at your choosing, there must be valid IC reasons and every player has the right to ask OOCLY why their character got declined. If you do not have a valid reason and are also found that there are OOC reasons for not doing so, admin staff may take action that can lead up to asking you to step down from the business.

If you are declined by a business owner and do not agree with their decision, have a civil discussion with them as far as why FIRST. If you have reached out to them and feel you have been unfairly declined THEN speak to Admin but not prior. unless its something severe. If you have not talked it out with the Business Owner, we will tell you to speak with them first to resolve it.

All Business Rentals and Sim Owned Business Rentals are open to the public to apply at.

The only "Business" that we have that is not open to apply is the Black Market. Those in charge of the Black Market will reach out to you for opportunity to apply there if they so choose to

Characters Speaking Another Language

Characters are allowed to be multi-lingual or have their own language that they can speak as long as it makes sense to the race however regardless if in world or done in the server, if your character is going to speak in another language it must be done in one of the two manners.

You can type the post in english and insinuate that they are speaking another language.
For example:
Character A looked at Character B and smiled as he said "I love you" In spanish or Character A smiled as they switched to speaking Spanish and looked to the other person to address them. "How are you doing?" he said to Character B. <--- This is implied that it is being said in Spanish


You can do the following where you type in the actual language and at the translation in Parenthesis next to it.

For example:
Character A looked at Character B and smiled as he said "Te amo" (I love you) In spanish.

The language that is being spoken must also be stated.The reason for this is to ensure that players are able to follow along to what is going on, it can be perceived as rude to speak an entirely different language than what all involved mutually speak as is similarly percieved in RL and also to help ensure that players are not being spoken about maliciously either.

Dice Rolls

When it comes to dice it is fully player agreed which is why we dont have set modifiers for skills, etc. The intent for Vexford is for roleplay to be free formed and dice rolls be used as either a back up to free form for those that prefer it or in the event that two players cannot agree on an outcome that the dice roll would be the final say and if coming down to dice rolls it can be understandable to want to have a slight advantage depending on the situation if skills and abilities involved call for it.

As far as general dice rolls go it is 10 and above to succeed, below 10 for failure with the the varying levels of success from 10-20 and varying levels of failure from 9-1 which would be discussed between players.

Religon/Politics/World Events and You

While we would never take away the importance of certain topics and such that are going on around the world, roleplay and Second Life are a huge escape for many from whats going on around them and a place to be able to relax, destress and distract themselves from whats going on around them. Please for that reason do not discuss Politics/World Events in the server or on Sim. Please keep these to dms and out of the server. If we see it what you posted will be deleted, you will get a warning, if having to warn you about it several times then further actions may be taken by staff. The additional reason is to help be respectful of peoples different views and to respect those using Second Life as an escape from the world.

Please do not discuss religion in the server or on sim and additionally do not post memes in regards to religion, NSFW content in regards to religion or anything of religion in the server period.

We understand not everyone has the same religions that they believe in, we understand that not everyone agrees with the same religions however there is no reason to disrespect someone elses religion just because it is not one you believe in or agree with. Its for that reason that we will not be allowing religion to be spoken about in the server. If you must, please do so in dms and not in the server itself.

Additionally we do not tolerate ANY kind of religious bashing.

If we see it what you posted will be deleted, you will get a warning, if having to warn you about it several times then further actions may be taken by staff. The additional reason is to help be respectful of peoples different views and to respect those using Second Life as an escape from the world.

Additionally please do not bring up any RL Existing/Established Religions in Roleplay either including backstories Everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs for their character as well but it can be very uncomfortable to have to roleplay in regards to religion you do not believe, agree with or dont wish to be exposed to. If you are making up a religion with its own set of fictional deities etc that is fine as it has nothing to do with any RL Existing /Established Religions. Its for that reason we DO NOT and WILL NOT have a church on Sim as Vexford does not lean towards or place any one religion above another. Its also for that reason that we DO NOT and WILL NOT approve ANY races that have strong religious origin or mostly religious origin.

Have Fun!

The point of roleplay is to have fun, be creative, write stories with others, go on adventures and make friends with others as you do so. Roleplay should not be viewed as a I need to/I cant lose situation or be viewed competively. Losing opens up so many roleplaying opportunities as much as winning does so it shouldnt matter which happens, the story that is being driven should be the focus and having fun with the people you are roleplaying with! 

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