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New To Playing A Reaper?

Reapers are completely amoral beings who only care about self-satisfaction. While they are aware and can feel all ranges of emotions and even feed off of them, they have a tendency toward the darker ones. They prefer to watch out for themselves and create enjoyment of any situation, through chaos. While they could be perceived as evil, their main goal is not to hurt, but to gain satisfaction of their own desires, whatever those may be, despite anyone else's desires, feelings, or views. They have their views of right and wrong to which they will adhere too with a fanaticism bordering on the psychotic. While their views can be changed, they can also become stubborn about them. It is not easy to sway a Reaper once their mind has been set.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Shadow Walk - Ability to use shadows as a doorway. Moving from one place to another instantly. 

Nightmare Touch - Causes the target to see their worst nightmare only when the Reaper touches their target. Longer duration of the touch can cause more intense nightmares until touch is broken.

Inkwell Imps - Inky mass of shadow that splits into several parts, each part taking the shape of an imp. Can be sent out to cause small mischief. ( i. E. moving objects small distances, hiding keys, breaking small objects, turning lights off and on, ) No direct damage to any individual and cannot be used to spy. Cannot access private areas without OOC Consent. 

Ink Splash - Ink tossed like a spear at a target. If hit, the target becomes covered or partially splattered with the ink. This makes the target slower and healing effect is reduced, depending on how much ink got on the target (OOC Consent )

Shadow Contract: A magical contract between a Shadowkin and a willing party. Both representatives must explicitly accept the contract while knowing it’s exact terms and cannot be under any kind of compulsion, magical or otherwise.  Can not be done under any kind of compulsion to either party. Consequences of breaking the contract must be stipulated in the contract ( player consent must be clear ) Only valid if the contract is written by a Shadowkin in their blood. Shadowkins cannot be compelled or forced to create a contract.


Both parties must comply with the terms of the contract exactly as it is written. It will be in effect until its completion or until both parties agree to end it.

Whisper of the Lullaby: Humming sounds that can cause a person to fall asleep for a very short time. Any loud noise can prevent the slumber from taking hold. Any physical damage will break the sleep. Must be within touching distance from the target. Can only affect one person at a time.

Memory Extraction: Reapers have the ability to return recent memories that have been lost through means of Hypnosis (That can only be used for this aspect) or by headdiving into their mind  and pulling the memory out.  (Requires OOC consent to confirm what can or cant be found if Reaper head dives)

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

Pestilence- The ability to be able to cause OR cure targets with known non-lethal illnesses such as the flu, cold, chickenpox etc. (No Plagues, No Pandemics, etc) Can only effect 2 people at any given time and would need to use their own blood to effect someone. This cannot be combined with another ability at the same time and would not be able to use another ability while using this one. Can only be used 2 times a week.

Ink Weapons: Using ones own ink like blood, a Reaper is able to create melee weapons from it. This can be done once per scene and the weapons would have the same durability as steel or iron like normal weapons would. The ability takes two post rounds to fully create the melee weapon and hile this is active they cannot use any other abilities.

Painful Pleasures: While Reapers tend to feed on the more negative emotions, their are some that feed on more positive ones and because of that they are able to turn the pain that they inflict onto their target into pleasure. They can increase or decrease the amount of pleasure that the pain turns into. (Requires OOC Consent and please make sure you are being mindful of player limits) 


Liquid Fluorescence: if ingested in large doses can kill a reaper and if in smaller doses can make them sick or weaken them. It can be purchased through normal means online. 

Wards: Reapers are susceptible to wards. When near them they become disoriented and can get confused. Wards against a Reapers can be used to temporarily trap them or prevent them from entering a location to a degree. (Cannot be used on public areas or businesses)

Purified Salt: Salt that is treated under the appropriate process/rituals by a Magister creates Purified Salt. This harms the Reapers much like Silver to Shifters. 


Obsession: A Reaper  is completely and utterly obsessed with something. it is up to the player what or who, whether it be Maritine scales, sweets, gold, or even a band or singer. (Please make sure to establish OOC Consent before making another player your character’s obsession)


Arrogance: Reapers tend to believe they cannot be unharmed or feel that they are stronger than others which can lead them to make rather reckless decisions at times. At times their pride can also be caused to be their downfall and be the reason they may not always think through their plans. 


Mistletoe: a plant that attaches to a host which they extract water and nutrients much like a parasite. Once grazed, the plant will take root over the host's skin, rooting into them, spreading a long the skin sprouting buds, which over a lengthy time could kill an immortal by cardiac arrest, seizures, hypertension, and by draining their entire magical nutrient leaving them a hollow core.


Tend to be more secretive about their true forms than most races. This is due to two factors, one is because their true forms can not be outside of the host body for very long. And second Reapers rarely trust anyone. Like all shadowkin they can display horns, tails, and wings, however, they have been seen with much scarier demeanors and some with a dark beauty that could not be found in this world.



  • Unpredictable Behavior-  Actions highly unpredictable, Change allegiances, goals, or methods rapidly. Keep others constantly on edge 


  • Chaos Alignment: aligns with chaos, Embodies unpredictability and disorder, and thrives in environments of uncertainty. 


  • Resistant to Control: Resistant to authority and coercion, act according to whims and desires, attempts to control often futile. 


  • Agents of Change: Serves as agents of change, disrupt stagnant systems, and pave the way to new beginnings. 


  • Cunning and Manipulative: Depicted as cunning and manipulative, Uses intellect and guile to achieve goals.


 Reapers are beings from another realm. When a person is near death, a rip in space/time can occur in certain circumstances. More often than not it is caused by an emotion so intense that it screams across the void to pull the Reaper through. The human is offered a choice, a contract. Their bodies for the knowledge that their last wish will be granted. Once the Reaper has fulfilled his part of the bargain the body is theirs to possess and use. Though the body may retain some of the memories and emotions of the original Soul, the Reaper takes over completely, becoming a separate person from who the human used to be. The body goes through some changes to accommodate the Reaper, taking on the true appearance of the Reaper for a brief moment. Reapers can morph their form to appear as the body was before they took it over, or alter it in small ways. While their vessels can have children, they would either be human or what ever race the other parent is ( if they are able to reproduce as well ) A Reaper is never born. It is a being from another realm brought to this one by the pain of a dying person. 


Reapers can feed on human food to survive, but it is not enjoyable for long. They prefer the energy of darker emotions, Fear, Despair, Chaos, Anger, Destruction. This is not to say, they can not feed off of happiness, lust or more positive emotions, like their brethren, it is simply the preferred food for the majority.

When an Reaper feeds off their target, their target can feel tired, sleepy, drained, confused, or even feel off. The pull from their emotions can be felt but depending on the emotion may not always notice right away if at all.

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