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Cruxweld Races

Below are the races that can be found here in Cruxweld. Please note that these are the playable races that we allow and the races that exist in this world's parameters. Below are some general guidelines to follow in regards to the races. Please note that each race goes further in depth on the guidelines for that particular race.

What Should I Keep In Mind About Race Origins?

We do not have any set or specific origins for the races that are playable here within Cruxweld. WIth that said it means that no one knows or would be able to know their true origins. There are many different origins based on culture, folklore, location that have their own beliefs, mythos or legends and even stories that are passed down though with no true origin that would mean they are neither true or false within Cruxweld.  No  one person would be able to prove their origin is anymore true than the next persons or be able to say that anothers isnt true. 

What Should I Keep In Mind About My Character's Background

Creativity is encouraged and supported when a background is created as you flesh out what kind of character will be brought into the world of Cruxweld. There is a note to be made though that Economic and Social status or even lineage has no affect on abilities, or even things like strength, speed, etc. It is something you can add on as background context for your character to explain a specific behavior, personality trait, lifestyle preference etc but serves no purpose past that. Titles such as Alpha, Coven Leader, etc or a form of Leader in a group are obtained in/through roleplay through leadership, activity, engagement, etc and cannot join in with a title already. 

Are There Hybrid Races ?

Hybrid Races do not exist within Cruxweld. If two different races that are able to reproduce together were to have an offspring, it would be one or the other in both appearance and also in abilities as well.

What should I know about Race Switching?

If you are unsure of what race you want to be, a good place to start is to be a human and go from there once you have an idea of what race you like or prefer to move forward with. Be mindful that there are switches that cant be undone. With that being said, there are also races that cant be turned but only born. If you cannot be turned into the race that you prefer, you would have to have an available character slot for that race, if one is not available then you would have to shelve an existing character to make space as a player  can only have 3 Active Characters a a time. If you are turned from one race to another, you lose all abilities and traits from the original race and take on the abilities and traits from the new race you were turned into however you can still keep the memories of your previous knowledge. With that said, for example if you were a Witch and then turned into A Vampire, you would know how to still make potions but not have the magic anymore to have the potions do what they are intended for. At that point the best substitute would be natural human home remedies. 

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