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Peacekeepers have the same weaknesses that humans do as far as illness, needing to eat food and drink water to sustain health, temperature concerns, etc.


Technokeepers look like regular humans minus the robotic limbs  when un-glamoured that they have they look no different than rather humans while Biokeepersmay not look any different from your average human aside from potentially easily noticeable veins, a bit more stronger looking than the average human but outside of that dont have any noticeable distinctions to seperate them from the rest.


Peacekeepers can be seen patrolling around to make sure that the veil is being followed and also to see if there are any Supernaturals that need to be detained.

Peacekeepers tend to join either the Delvoidus Organization directly or the North Cruxweld Police Department
Peacekeepers are stronger and faster than the average human but are not quite at the same level as a Supernatural

Some Peacekeepers tend to be loners and do their own thing when it comes to protecting the veil and keeping the peace however still follow under the Peacekeeper Lead.
Peackeepers are trained to fight, skilled in weaponry and have knowledge of how to protect themselves against a Supernatural


Peacekeepers are no different than humans and need to eat food and water to survive and sustain their health. 


Technomancers can be created and requires a Magister to be able to turn a Human into a Technomancer. A Magister must take the parts that the human brings and do a ritual to magically bind the parts to the human and replace the limbs that the human already had.

Humans must undergo through various different bio testing to be created and can only be created by going through testing to be turned into one. (To be a Biokeeper you must app in as one)

Race Haven

The Race Haven for the Peacekeepers is Suck My Glock Shooting Range. Peacekeepers can be found here practicing and training as the daily grind tends not to stop and Peacekeepers are always making sure that they are in shape. 

Please note that any races can go to this business and also work at this business, this is a meeting place for Peacekeepers to be able to get together and also be able to meet their own kind.

Race Group


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