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New To Playing A Mythrios?

Mythrios are a culmination of different Mythology creatures from different cultures, origins and back grounds. There is no one Mythology creature that makes up the Mythrios and because of that they are a mystery aside from the shared abilities and weaknesses that bind them all together. There is not alot known about the Mythrios as a whole but their individual tales have been around and can be found though arent a reliable resource to figuring out these Enigma's completely.

When determining what Mythrios your character will be, please keep in mind that the opitional abilities is what helps bring to life the Mythrios you bring. For example if you are trying to be a Fae, look for fae related abilities. If you do not see an ability for the Mythrios 

((Please note that we do not allow anything drawn from Native American Folklore/Mythology and we do not allow anything from Religious Roots or heavy Religious influence as playable races out of respect for the culture and beliefs that surround them. We WILL NOT make any exceptions to this))

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Essential Self - A Mythos only manifests their true form when it is safe to do so or when something compels them, so the fantastic truth of each Mythos is such that mortals are overcome with awe and cannot immediately act against them upon witnessing their essential self. (This can only affect Humans/Humanoids: Humans, Peacekeepers, Magisters, Feralites and only lasts 1-2 post turns. This cannot work on the same target more than once a day.)

Telepathy - They can communicate clearly with others via their minds but cannot read the thoughts of others. This can only be established with one other person at a time, and the person must be visible to them and within 20 meters (chat range). Should the subject of the communication move out of range or no longer be visible, the communication cannot continue.

Passage Portals: A Mythos may create a portal to step through reality from one portal object (e.g. door, window, hollow tree hole, mirror, tree arch, mushroom ring, etc.) and emerge from another elsewhere. Their entire body must be able to fit through both portal objects. They must have physically seen both portal object for themselves; it is not enough to see the portal object via scrying or other magic. They may pass through wards this way, but only if neither portal object is itself warded against Mythos portals. However, a portal can be blocked or cut off, and the travelers using the portal will simply bounce back through the portal of origin. Portals last for 5 seconds, and once one has been opened, the Mythos cannot open another for 30 minutes (IC)

Regeneration: They can regenerate wounds, limbs, bruises, but only in a Chimera’s true form. They will slowly heal in other forms, human form, but must be in true form to fully heal for more fatal wounds.

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

Oaths: Mythrios are able to make a magical binding agreement with only one being at a time and cannot make another until they have completed their oath. The Mythrios that makes the oath will be magically bound to complete an agreement of the being’s choice and cannot be anything the Mythrios is not capable of naturally doing. In return for an Oath to be granted, the Mythrios is able to request a favor in return at their own time of choosing that the being MUST complete. Punishment for not completing is between those involved to allow for player creativity. (Please note that OOC limits and Boundaries must be discussed and respected.)


Curses & Blessings: This ability allows to make charms or place magic into an object, limited mainly by the creativity of the Mythrios. They might bless an object with good luck or curse it with bad. Another example would be a blessing to help plants grow or a curse to wither them. These objects do not permanently retain this magic and must be renewed once a moon. Notify an admin if you perform a powerful curse or blessing on an object that could affect combat.

Dragon's Breath: The ability to create and expel an element out of ones mouth, both for offense and defense. The elements allowed are fire, water, electricity, air, and snow/ice. (Dragon’s breath can be negated through normal means, for example water to put out fire, fire to melt snow, rubber against electricity, etc)

Scaled Armor: For the Mythrios with scales, they are able to strengthen their scales to make them more durable and absorb more damage during combat. (Please note that this can only be used twice a day and leaves the player vulnerable without being able to use the ability after the second use for up to 48 hours.)

Ferocious Roar: The ability to be able to once a fight amplify the magnitude of their roar an affect those in a 20m range, giving the chance of temporarily immobilizing their target and those around for 1-2 post turns depending on how close the target is. (Please note that this cannot affect the same person/people more then once a  day and would need to wait 24-48 hours before being able to affect the same target(s) again.

Flight and Dive: The ability to fly/sim with or without wings/fins. This allows the creature to maneuver easily and quickly through the air and water with ease.


Nail Manipulation: The ability to control one's nails in both an offensive and defensive manner. The wielder may extend, retract, thicken and thin their nails to attack or create a strong shield, or use them as sharp daggers. This works for both hands and feet, and the Wyvern like wing nails.

Thermal Bodies/Cold Bodies: Depending on the breath of the Dragon's Breath Ability, they can either heat up their bodies to extreme temperatures or they can lower the temperature of their bodies to help endure different kinds of weathers or help avoid things like being burned or freezing to death.

Thermal Sight: The ability to be  able to see the heat temperatures of different creatures and in return are able to tell when they are in the presence of a creature that does not give off heat temperatures. 

Empathic Healing- The ability to be able to heal other people's wounds by taking the wounds onto themselves.  When they heal someone else, they get the exact same injuries or ailments that they have. Once the target is healed they would have to wait 3-5 days to be able to use the ability again depending on the wounds sustained and how long it takes to heal. This ability requires alot of energy to use as well and requires the additional heal time along with the wounds. 

Dragon Elemental Magic: For Mythrios that are Dragons or similar, they are able to perform elemental magic. In order to use this ability you MUST have Dragon's Breath and the elemental Magic you perform would corelate with the breath that you select. The element can be countered by normal means, water putting out fire, fire putting out ice, etc.

Bark Skin: Dryads or Dryad like creatures have the ability to turn their "Skin" to harden like the bark of a tree to weaken additional attacks for up to 3 post rounds. 

Rhizomancy: Dryads or Dryad like creatures have the ability to be able to manipulate or manifest plants with root structures  by deploying small cantrips that can bloom. This ranges from wild plants, tree, fungi and common house plants and cannot be used to overgrow buildings, locations, etc and can be used twice in combat to try and ensare their target. 


Silver/Iron causes burns and causes more damage the longer it touches the skin. Silver/Iron has the ability to also force a Mythrios out of their glamour and reveal their true form as well. (Please note that this does not trigger the Essential Self ability)

Gluttonous: Mythrios do not often feel full when feeding, and should one overindulge, their true form begins to bleed through (glowing, a tail, skin color change, etc.), so they must get to safety immediately and spend time (2 post rounds) without feeding for the bleed to recede. If they continue to feed, their true form will be revealed (2 post rounds), and they cannot switch back to their human form for an hour (IC). This varies with the age of the Mythrios, as the older ones would take longer to reach the point of overindulging.


Grave Dirt: Whether ingested, inhaled, or through exposure to bare skin, a Mythrios who experiences contact with this reminder of mortal decay loses the ability to regenerate or use their magical abilities until they have completed a complex cleansing ritual. This ritual typically requires a full day to complete and assistance from a Magister.


Sole Purpose: Mythrios cannot bear to be without a long-term task or goal and are drawn to a particular pursuit of their choosing, typically in the form of a study, a craft, a profession, a hobby, etc. If their task/goal is completed or ends, they must find a new one within a turn of the moon. If they forsake their task/goal or remain idle after a turn of the moon, they will begin to weaken and enter a state of stasis from which they can only be revived by a summoning for a new task. Temporary tasks/goals will sustain them for a time, but they are compelled to take on a specific long-term pursuit.


Obsession: A Mythrios is completely and utterly obsessed with something. it is up to the player what or who, whether it be Maritine scales, sweets, gold, or even a band or singer. (Please make sure to establish OOC Consent before making another player your character’s obsession)


Hoarder: On top of the obsession, a Mythrios also hoards. Nothing like the television shows, but more of one thing in particular, coins, gems, CDs, DVDs, etc., and tend to get possessive if the Mythrios sees another with the item.


Mythrios come in all different shapes and sizes with some having wings, some having horns, long claws, tails, extra appendages, etc. Some Mythrios have been known to have animal-like qualities to them, half animal even as well. There is no specific look to a Mythos as there is a variety of creatures that make up the Mythrios that range anywhere from Fae to a Djinn and everything in between. Each Mythrios however different have one thing in common where they have a human glamor to help hide their true appearance.


  • Supernatural Abilities: Mythical creatures often possess extraordinary abilities or powers beyond those of ordinary beings. These abilities can include superhuman strength, agility, flight, shape-shifting, or control over elements.

  • Unique Physical Traits: They typically have distinctive physical features that set them apart, such as wings, horns, tails, scales, fur, or other fantastical attributes.

  • Variety of Forms: Mythical creatures come in various forms, including humanoid, animal-like, hybrid, or completely abstract forms. They can be small or colossal, reflecting their diverse origins and roles in mythology.

  • Connection to Nature: Many Mythrios are closely associated with natural elements such as forests, rivers, mountains, or celestial bodies. They may embody aspects of nature, serve as guardians, or symbolize natural phenomena.

  • Cultural Significance: These creatures hold significant cultural and symbolic meanings within the societies that create or adopt them. They often represent concepts such as heroism, wisdom, fertility, chaos, or divine intervention, reflecting cultural values and beliefs.

  • Mythological Origins: Mythrios stories are often deeply rooted in mythology and folklore, with stories of their exploits passed down through generations via oral tradition or written texts. They may originate from specific cultures or be shared across multiple traditions.

  • Role in Legends and Tales: They frequently play central roles in myths, legends, and folktales, where they may serve as heroes, villains, tricksters, or other archetypal figures. Their actions and characteristics often convey moral lessons, explain natural phenomena, or explore existential questions.

  • Fear and Fascination: Mythrios evoke a range of emotions in humans, including fear, awe, fascination, and reverence. Their mysterious and otherworldly nature captures the imagination and sparks curiosity about the unknown.

  • Adaptability and Evolution: Mythrios have shown remarkable adaptability, appearing in diverse cultural contexts and undergoing reinterpretations over time to suit the beliefs and traditions of different societies. They may evolve or transform in response to changing cultural narratives and societal needs.


Mythrios feed how they see fit whether it be through food/water or feeding through energy and it is up to the specific Mythrios on which sustains them. Mythos need to be weary how much they feed as to not over indulge as they tend to be on the gluttonous side and whatever their source of sustenance is can very much come back to haunt them if they feed too much. (While the food source of the Mythrios is up to the player, they do not ingest or look to blood as a food source)


Mythrio's can only be born ad therefore cannot be turned. Additionally only Mythrios can reproduce with another Mythrios. When the two have a spawn together, the spawn will take after the Mythrios with the stronger genetics.

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