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Race Haven

The South Cruxweld Library is the Race Haven for the Mythics. History, stories and lore is what draws these ever aging creatures as the pursuit of knowledge is never quenched for them. Mythics are able to meet here and find others of their kind here. 

Please note that all races are able to work here and also able to be here as it is not only for the Mythics but a palce for the Mythics to gather safely and also a place for their Race Lead to meet here.

Race Group

The Mythics Race Group is called The Knowledge Seekers and is a place for Mythics to gather together as they are all drawn by knowledge, history, the past, present and future. Mythics are drawn to the unknown and are always wanting to know more and even can be found in the Cemetery to obtain more answers to the past or things they may not understand. The Mythics Race Group is led by representatives from both the Mythrios and Spectrals.


Players do not have to join the Race Groups if they do not wish to and however can create their own instead though they would still follow under the respective Race Leads for the Race your character is.  The intent for the group is to help generate roleplay  and help connect new players to roleplay toghether. Groups created do not have to consist of all Mythrios or Spectrals etc.  Additionally, for those that do not wish to be part of The Race Group for the Race, are able to be a lone Mythic and do their own thing however there is possibility of being at ends with the respective Race Group depending on their actions as lone Mythics still follow under the respective Race Lead's decision should reprimand need to take place.


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