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New To Playing a Maritine?

Maritines, stand as a haunting reminder of the dangers that lurk beneath the waves. Born of the forbidden union between humans and Mer, Maritines possess a unique duality, with a human's upper body and a fish's lower body. Maritines are notorious for their vindictive nature, harboring deep-seated grudges and seeking revenge against those who wrong them but aren't evil themselves. They delight in trickery, using their seductive voices and enchanting appearances to ensnare humans and lead them astray. However, their wrath knows no bounds when they feel slighted, and they are quick to unleash their fury upon those who cross them.  (Examples of Maritines are, Selkies, Sirens, Naiads, Ningyo, etc)

Abilities that  only
THIS subrace already comes with

Enthralling Song: Maritines possess a mesmerizing voice that can ensnare the minds of those who hear it, compelling them to heed the Maritine's call and follow them wherever they may lead. This ability is often used to lure unsuspecting sailors to their doom, drawing them closer to the treacherous waters where the Maritine lies in wait. (OOC Consent and those with mental abilities have an easier time fighting against this)

Vengeful Vendetta: Maritines, fueled by their deep-seated grudges, unleash their wrath upon those who wrong them with unyielding determination. This puts the Maritine into a blind rage where they are only able to focus on their target until either the target has been sufficiently harmed or out of grasp. Because they are so focused on their target, it leaves them vulnerable. (Maritines can be soothed/calmed out of this ability as well)

 Hydrokinesis: The ability to manipulate water at will, shaping it into various forms or controlling its movement.

Scale Armor: Natural armor made of scales that provide protection against physical attacks, enhancing their resilience in combat.


Soothe: Healing ability specific to shifting of fluids in an injured being to repair tissues.

Echolocation: Maritines have developed a heightened sense of echolocation, allowing them to navigate the dark and murky depths of the ocean with precision. By emitting high-frequency sound waves and interpreting the echoes that bounce back, they can map their surroundings and locate potential prey or threats with remarkable accuracy.
Formshift: Can take the form of a hybrid being (a natural form that is half human/half fish) or completely human appearing when they are submerged with water or mostly submerged in water. Light condensation of water may not turn them.


Sea Creature Form: Maritines have the ability to shift into a water based sea animal of their choosing and use that as a means to either fight or travel underwater as well. Ability to communicate with and command various sea creatures. When in their animal form, Maritines possess enhanced physical strength and agility, surpassing even the most skilled of natural predators in the ocean. This strength allows them to navigate the waters with ease and defend themselves against threats both above and below the waves. Maritines  have a deep connection with the creatures of the sea, allowing them to communicate with and understand the emotions of marine life. This skill enables them to forge bonds with other sea creatures, forming alliances or seeking aid when needed.

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

Aquatic Resonance: Maritines possess the ability to attune themselves to the natural rhythms and energies of freshwater environments. This skill allows them to sense disturbances in the balance of nature within their domains, such as pollution or unnatural disruptions, and take action to restore harmony and vitality to the waters they inhabit. Maritines have the innate ability to purify and cleanse contaminated water sources, removing toxins and pollutants with their touch. This skill enables them to heal and revitalize bodies of water that have been harmed or polluted by human activity, ensuring the continued health and well-being of the aquatic ecosystems under their care.

Bioluminescence: Emitting light from their bodies, either for illumination or as a form of communication. In addition Maritines possess the ability to manipulate the bioluminescent patterns on their bodies, allowing them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings and evade detection by predators or unsuspecting observers. This skill enables them to disappear into the depths of the ocean, becoming virtually but not completely invisible to those who seek to find them.

Aquatic Command: Maritines are able to command aquatic life with simple tasks. There are different methods on how a Maritine can command an Aquatic Animals and is up to the individual Maritine on how they are able to do so. This cannot be used to spy or gather information.  The animal would only be able to do what is naturally and physically able to do. 

Calligramancy: Maritines are able to secrete an ink from their body that allows them to be able to bring to life aristic musings. This ability is entirely reliant on utilizing paper and ink, and will not work if attempted with any other mediums. With imagery, can cause ink like illusions to spring forth from the artwork that impact a maximum of three senses at a time (sight, smell, sound, touch, etc). These images cannot cause harm but can be used to disorient, distract, or attempt to influence their target (Will require OOC consent). With the written word, in order for an illusion to spring forth it must be a single sentence comprised of eight words or less. Can  be used to send messages in the same manner, but no farther than a five mile radius and they must be written on paper before send off. This ability cannot be used to force anyone to do anything, cause physical harm, and only lasts for the duration of the scene.


  • Dryness: Maritines typically cannot survive out of water for extended periods. If they are stranded on land or exposed to dry environments for too long, they may weaken or die.

  • Lack of Immunity: In some stories, mermaids have a weaker immune system compared to humans, making them susceptible to illnesses or infections that humans may resist.

  • Curiosity: Maritines may be portrayed as curious beings who are easily drawn to objects or experiences that pique their interest, potentially leading them into dangerous situations.

  • Enchantment: Maritines are often associated with enchantment and may be vulnerable to spells, charms, or enchantments cast by other magical beings or entities.

  • Predators: Despite their allure, Maritines may have natural predators in the ocean, such as sharks or other sea creatures, which pose a threat to their safety.

  • Captivity: In some narratives, Maritines may be vulnerable to capture or exploitation by humans who seek to exploit their magical qualities or unique attributes.

  • Emotional Vulnerability: Maritines may possess human-like emotions and vulnerabilities, such as feelings of loneliness, longing, or heartbreak, which can be exploited or manipulated by others.


Maritines are often depicted as mythical creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish or may be found in their specific sea-creature form. They typically have long flowing hair, often depicted in vibrant colors, and their skin may be fair or otherworldly, taking on luminescence or be multi-hued. If they possess a fish-like tail, it is usually scaly and can vary in color and design depending on the depiction. Maritines are often portrayed as beautiful and alluring, some of them with enchanting voices that can lure sailors or humans to the depths of the ocean.


Each subspecies of Maritine carries with them unique traits and abilities. As keepers of the waters' secrets, the Maritines are both revered and feared.

Mystical Abilities: Maritines are sometimes ascribed with mystical abilities beyond their enchanting presence. They may possess powers such as hydrokinesis (manipulation of water), change into different sea based animals, or the ability to control marine life. These abilities add to their aura of mystery and supernatural allure.
Guardians of the Sea: In various mythologies, mermaids are portrayed as guardians or protectors of the sea and its creatures. They are often depicted as benevolent beings who watch over sailors and sea life, offering guidance or protection to those in need. Conversely, they may also be depicted as vengeful spirits, punishing those who harm the ocean or its inhabitants.

Longing for the Surface World: Despite their affinity for the sea, Maritines are sometimes depicted as longing for the world above the waves. They may be curious about human society and fascinated by the surface world's wonders, leading them to interact with sailors or even seek to become human themselves.

All Maritines are “Ondine”- soulless until coupled with a human, hence their reputation for luring/trapping humans. If they die without obtaining a soul, they dissolve into seafoam at the time of their death, completely forgotten by the human and Mer world alike.


  • Aquatic Diet: Maritines are often depicted as consuming food sources found in their underwater environment, such as fish, crustaceans, and various forms of marine life. They may hunt and forage for food in the ocean depths, utilizing their agility and swimming prowess to catch prey.

  • Vegetation and Sea Plants: In addition to seafood, Maritines may also consume vegetation and sea plants as part of their diet. This could include algae, seaweed, and other aquatic flora that provide essential nutrients.


  • Magical Elements: In certain folklore, mermaids are associated with mystical qualities or magical abilities that enable them to sustain themselves through means beyond conventional food sources. Some stories suggest that Maritines may draw nourishment from the energy of the ocean itself or supernatural sources.

  • Interaction with Humans: In folklore that involves interactions between Maritines and humans, there may be instances where Maritines are depicted as consuming human food or engaging in trade for provisions from land-dwelling communities. These interactions could involve exchanging treasures or magical items for food supplies.


  • Egg-Laying: In some depictions, Maritines reproduce by laying eggs. These eggs may be fertilized externally, with the male Maritine (sometimes referred to as a merman) releasing sperm into the water to fertilize the eggs laid by the female. After a period of incubation, the eggs hatch, giving rise to new mermaid offspring.

  • Live Birth: Alternatively, certain interpretations depict Maritines as giving birth to live offspring, similar to mammals. In these versions, the female Maritine carries the developing embryos within her body until they are fully developed, at which point they are born live.

  • Magical Methods: Some folklore and mythology portray Maritines as possessing magical abilities that enable them to reproduce through mystical means. This could involve rituals, spells, or other supernatural processes that allow mermaids to generate offspring without conventional biological methods.

  • Hybrid Offspring: In certain stories, Maritines may mate with humans or other mythical beings, resulting in hybrid offspring.  (The offspring will only have abilities of one of the parents, not both)

Race Haven

North Cruxweld Harbor is the Race Haven for the Maritines as they have the waters before the harbor to be able to freely enjoy their true forms while being able to attend to the in and outgoings of the resources that come in through the docks.  

Please note that any races are able to work here and visit this area as it is open to all races but is the meeting point for the Maritines and the Race Lead.

Race Group

The Race Group for the Maritines are is called The Shoal.

he Shoal is compiled by the Race Leads for the Maritines and is a group that is dedicated to keeping their own safe, looking out for one another and ensuring that their home is habitable and also safe. Through the wonders of the depths of the waters, The Shoal unites the Maritines together and provides a family between them.


Players do not have to join the Race Groups if they do not wish to and however can create their own instead though they would still follow under the respective Race Leads for the Race your character is.  The intent for the group is to help generate roleplay  and help connect new players to roleplay toghether. Groups created do not have to consist of all Selkies, Naiads, etc.  Additionally, for those that do not wish to be part of The Race Group for the Race, are able to be a lone Maritines and do their own thing however there is possibility of being at ends with the respective Race Group depending on their actions as lone Maritines still follow under the respective Race Lead's decision should reprimand need to take place.

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