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New To Playing A Magister?

Magisters are humans that can wield and use  magic though their being is not magic and because of that they are limited to what they can do. Magisters get their magic from the Ley Lines that are found in Cruxweld. If a Magister is not  careful, they can run the risk of overexerting their body which at minimum can be fatigue though if overdone can cause the magic they wield to start to corrode the body as if fire burning through their veins. Magisters are referred to as a lot of things though Witches are the most common. Magisters are capable of spell casting, rituals, charms, hexes, wards and more. In order to use their magic, it requires them to use focus, vocal invocations and had gestures as well. Magisters are usually part of covens but can also go a solitary route as well if they choose to. Everyone starts at the title of Magister and must learn and grow their magical skills before being able to pick a discipline to devote to. 

Abilities for Magisters to select from

Magisters are able to have up to Seven Magical Abilities. The way that it is divided is completely up to you however to be able to get The Tier 3 spell you must have the Tier 1 and 2 spells as well which would bring you up to 3 Magical Abilities and only give you 4 left to pick from. Please note that Magister growth is player based so with that in mind you DO NOT have to pick all Seven right away and can leave space to learn as you rp and submit a ticket to learn more when you are ready.

Healing Magic
  • Tier One-  The ability to be able to heal minor injuries of themselves such as scratches, bites, small cuts, etc and can only do so three times a week.


  • Tier Two- The ability to heal injuries of others, ranging from broken bones to scars to deep wounds as well. Can only be done once a week and leaves the Magister drained after, unable to perform it on others for a week.

  • Tier Three-  The ability to heal various flora, plants, and animals and even heal them back to health from the brink of death. (Cannot be used on Shamans, Shifters, Maritines, etc. Only actual animals) 

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

    Evocation Magic

  • Tier 1 - The ability to be able to turn turn magical energies into visible and audible manifestations such as fireworks, booming sounds, sparkling effects, comic book sounds, etc

  • Tier 2 -  The ability to be able to create music that causes only one target at a time to be able to break into dance. The music can be heard by both the target and those in the area but will only effect the target. (OOC Consent Required)

  • Tier 3 -  The ability to be able to create temporary objects such as a chair, cup, knife, etc and will last only the duration of the scene.

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

    Summoning Magic

  • Tier One-  The Ability to Summon a Familiar. This familiar can be animal based or technologically put together. Regardless of how it is done, it would be the form of an animal and can be used for companionship and also to be able to deliver messages. (Familiars overall also cannot be used to spy or for combat)

  • Tier Two- The Ability to Summon an Item that they have touched or own, big enough to be able to carry on their person without an issue. The larger the item, the more magic it would take and the more the Magister will feel drained, tired or weak. The item cannot be bigger and cannot be heavier than what a Magister can physically  hold.

  • Tier Three-  The Ability to be able to tag a person with a rune mark and summon them to the Magisters location. The Magister can Tag only one person at a time and cannot be used to pull someone out of Combat. If their Target is in Combat, the tag will vanish and a new one would need to be created.  ((OOC Consent required to Summon Player)

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

Necromancy Magic
  • Tier One-  The ability to be able to see spirits that passed on and be able to sense when a spirit is around. (Cannot be used to sense a Spectral without OOC consent and would only be able to see NPC spirits.)

  • Tier Two-  The ability to be able to communicate with spirits that passed on through different methods such as medium, boards, etc. (Can only speak with NPC Spirits and Cannot use to find or relay information about another player)


  • Tier Three-  The ability to be able summon undead creatures such as animals, skeletons, spirits, etc to be able to use for mundane tasks or companionship. (Cannot be used for combat and cannot be used to spy on players)

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

    Divination Magic

  • Tier One- The Ability to use divination tools to be able to Scry and capture glimpse of an mundane event that may or may not happen using tools such as a mirrior, tarot cards, pendulum, etc. ((Up to Players involved creativity on what the event is but examples of what kind of events they would be like are the character tripping, breaking their tv, falling down the stairs, etc))

  • Tier Two The Ability to touch an item that is owned by another character and be able to see the history tied to that item through the lens of the character. (Please note this can only be done with items that belong to the character and only involve information from the characters backstory. Cannot be used to see the history outside of a characters backstory and OOC Consent for how much the Magister can see)


  • Tier Three- The Ability to Touch a Character and be able to see a vision that has taken place in the past or potentially take place in the future. (OOC Consent for what the Magister is able to see and cannot be used to Create/Initiate a Sim Wide/Plot Event and can only be tied to that character using information based on the characters backstory)

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

Telekinesis Magic
  • Tier One- The ability to manipulate an item by being able to move it with the power and strength of the mind however can only be used to pick up something as heavy as the average human can handle holding. (Cannot be used to pick up a player and cannot be used in or for combat)

  • Tier Two-  The ability to be able to levitate one's self over the ground in a fixed position for a duration of time. Also grants the ability to be able to lift another player in the same manner only with OOC consent and can only levitate either themselves or another player up 5 feet.

  • Tier Three-  The ability to be able to throw small weapons such as a dagger at an opponent and can only be thrown with the strength and force of the average human. Cannot pick up more then three at at time and must throw one at a time. 

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

Enchantment Magic
  • Tier 1  The ability to enchant an item that causes the target that touches or wears the item to experience similar effects to being on hallucinogenic substances (OOC Consent for use of Dark RP)

  • Tier 2 - The ability to enchant items to be able to suggest emotions to the intended target that it is created for. Cannot cause the target to feel emotions that they would not normally gravitate towards or enjoy. 


  • Tier 3 - The ability to enchant items to be able to give temporary enhanced abilities that only last for one scene. Can be used to create better sight, faster speed, able to concentrate better, etc or temporarily halt sickness symptoms as well. (Cannot be used in combination for combat purpose)

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

    Elemental Magic

  • Tier One-  The ability to manipulate small plants, influence the growth of plants and behaviors of various flora as well. (Cannot be used to cause Damage to a Residential/Business without player consent and cannot cause Damage to a Sim Owned Business without Admin Approval)

  • Tier Two-  The ability to conjure spells based off of water, wind and fire and be able to manipulate them for a short period. (Can only Conjure one element at a time, trying to do so in rapid succession greatly drains the Magister. Cannot be used to cause Damage to a Residential/Business without player consent and cannot cause Damage to a Sim Owned Business without Admin Approval)

  • Tier Three - The ability to conjure an elemental creature such as a fire imp for example for mundane use or for companionship. Cannot be used in combat. (Cannot be used to cause Damage to a Residential/Business without player consent and cannot cause Damage to a Sim Owned Business without Admin Approval)

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

    Abjuration Magic

  • Tier One- The ability to create barriers to deflect other spells or elements. Can only be used up to three times in Combat and if done in rapid succession will drain the Magister greatly.

  • Tier Two- The ability to create mental barriers and temporarily ward off mental advances from the Magister. Can only be used up to three times in a scene and if done in rapid succession will weaken the Magisters mental defenses causing them to be more susceptible to mental attempts. 

  • Tier Three- The ability to be able to create a temporary ward and prevent entry for a short duration however the ward can be broken either by magic or applying enough force against the ward. (Cannot be used to ward off Sim Owned Businesses or Businesses

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

    Technomancy Magic Skill

  • Tier 1- The ability to repair minor/moderate physical damage to machinery/technology/electronics. The more extensive the damage the more it drains the magister. The magister can also repair cybernetic enhancements or meld metal and cybernetics onto a mortal race. (Metal/Cybernetic Melding can only be done on Humans to create Peacekeepers)

  • Tier 2- The ability to touch a piece of technology/machinery, mentally connecting and communicating with it in order to temporarily take control of it and operate it. If the technology is password-locked or encrypted, an attempt can be made to to try and break through this and gain full access.( OOC consent required ) while connected to a piece of machinery, like a computer, if it gets damaged or has a virus while you are connected to it, this could negatively affect you too and potentially harm you.

  • Tier 3- The ability to temporarily disrupt electronics inside a room.( or within a 20m distance if outside) This includes phones, security cameras, computers, TVs, etc. ( or within a 20m distance if outside). Can knock out the power to a building temporarily. Does not damage the electronics, only disrupts them/causes them to malfunction temporarily. (requires OOC consent from players for Residential/Businesses and Admin Approval for Sim Owned Businesses)

  • Tier 4 to 7 - Optional Abilities

Illusion Magic Skill

  • Tier 1- The ability to conjure simple illusions that appeal to the senses, such as creating phantom sounds, faint smells, or ghostly images. These illusions are relatively minor and cannot cause harm. They also do not have any ability for physical interaction to be able to cause harm.

  • Tier 2- The ability to create a convincing duplicate of oneself but unable to create a duplicate of someone else. This illusionary duplicate can mimic movements and speech, but it lacks substance and cannot interact physically with the environment and cannot cause harm.  The duplicate can be used for distraction, misdirection, or to convey messages and is only active for the current scene it is created and will fade once the scene ends.

  • Tier 3-  The ability to create illusions of objects that can be used to pull pranks or fool the senses such as creating an illusion of a chair, an illusion of a door, an illusion of a hole in the ground but cannot be used to cause harm and are not able to be interacted with physically. 

Optional Abilities
Additional abilities that can be selected for Magisters

Healing Magic

Evocation Magic:

Summoning Magic:

Necromancy Magic:

Divination Magic:

Telekinesis Magic:

Enchantment Magic:

Transmutation: The ability to transmute small quantities of raw inorganic substances into equal quantities of a different raw inorganic substance (sand to silver, etc.). This can also transmute existing objects into other states. For example, they can transmute the edge of a wooden door into steel, fuse the edge of the door into the wall by making them the same substance, etc. No more than 3 lbs of any raw substance may be transmuted within a 48 hour period and it cannot be used on organic materials. It requires you to have raw materials available at your disposal. No other ability can be used at the same time as this ability.

Elemental Magic:

Abjuration Magic: 

Technomancy Magic:


Magisters are at disadvantage despite their ability to use magic since they are still human and are held by their mortality. They still live up to the average lifespan and while some Magisters (Healing Magisters) can slow down their age progression some, they cannot expand it to be able to live longer. They possess the same weaknesses as humans.

Emotional Distress: 
In order to ensure that they are using their magic efficiently, a Magister must be in control of their emotions as they perform a spell, ritual, blessing, hex, etc. Stronger emotions can enhance their magic but it’s a fine line as too strong of an emotion can result in them being unable to keep control of the magic being used as they would struggle to keep their emotions under control as well. When emotionally distressed, their magic becomes unpredictable and cause spells and such not to work as intended, can risk the magic being cast back to the user.

Preventing a Magister from being able to fully concentration when casting may result in the spell, ritual, hex. Blessing, etc in becoming ineffective or less powerful.

Magical Fatigue:
Magisters are humans that have been gifted the ability to be able to use magic and because of it not being a natural source of ability for a human it can cause fatigue on the body and even the mind. Magisters must be careful that they are not over extending their limits as they as overuse can lead to Unconsciousness, depletion of ones reserve of power and if done to an extreme or consist basis can even lead to death. When pushed too far, the magic begins to de-stabilize and engulf the user as one would feel the body overheat as if experiencing a fever and the magic would flow through their body, coursing through faster and faster until they it magic can not longer be contained and results in the body either bursting into a flame that cannot be put out until the body has fully turned to ash ( does not set fire to their surroundings) or the body begins to decompose and erode.

Magical Limitations:
A magister must be able to vocalize their spell, ritual, hex, blessing, etc in order to be able to cast it but also must use their hands as well to be able to do so. More skilled Magisters would be able to cast effectively with just the hands alone. If a Magister is gagged and bound, they would not be able to have access to their magic aside from emotional distress and would as a last resort need to depend on unpredictable magic.  In addition, spells may require a line of sight or even touch to be able to be performed or performed effectively.



Magisters look no different humans, that is until they are casting. Some Magisters may have their eyes glow when they are casting, some may have an aura that wraps around them. While not visible in appearance, some Magisters may very lightly effect the mood of a room to those that are susceptible such as a shiver down the spine. Depending on the Magister Clan, some may be more adorned with nature colors, some may more adorned with technology in the sense of steampunk aesthetic, etc. Regardless, they are still human and would not have anything that would make them look unhuman such as wings, tails, additional appendages, etc.


  •  All Magisters are able to create Day Rings for Sanguivores, Water Rings for Maritines and also able to assist with creating Tethers to create Spectrals. 

  • Magisters are more sensitive to magic and can sense active magic around them but cannot tell where the source is coming from whether it be from an object or a person.

  • They share the same weaknesses as humans such as hunger, temperature, mortality, illness, etc.

  • Due to Magisters only being able to use magic and are not magic itself, what they can do comes with limitations.

  • Magisters are versed in different magical abilities, a thirst for knowledge and a respect for nature.


Magisters are human and thus require eating food and drinking water to be able to sustain. They are affected by alcohol and other substances as well and feel the effect of magically created  substances even more so. 


Magisters are not able to be created but instead are born. Magisters can only reproduce with other humans to be able to have a spawn and the spawn would take only the abilities of one of the parents.

Magisters are able to reproduce with:

Moon Effects

 During the Full Moon, Magisters are at their strongest with a higher success of being able to cast and during this time, inexperienced Magisters would be able to cast with their hands alone but not to the same effectiveness as an experienced Magister.

During the New Moon Magisters are at their weakest and can feel the decrease of magic from them however can still turn to coven magic to be able to cast to the same degree as the average magister. It is during this time that Magisters can feel the lessen of magic and for some can drive them to relapse and become stir crazy. Unless casting in a coven, Magisters face the risk of unpredictable magic if they are casting alone.

Race Haven

Magisters can seek their own in the Cruxweld Forest  in the magic shops Cordelia Curiosus and Lucida La Croix or in the Coven Area that they share. Magisters come together here to learn and practice together or be it the occult shops nearby that they are able to stock up on resources and such. New Magisters can feel a pull to both these areas and find their way through the forest with more ease to these spots.

Race Group

Magisters have a Coven overall that is run together by the Magister Elders that oversee the Magisters as a whole and help to grow and teach new Magisters that come their way. 

Magisters are able to create their own personal covens however the coven and its ‘Leader’ still answer to the Magister Elders (Magister Race Leads).  Magisters do not have to be a part of the General Coven or personal covens and can instead go a more solitary route however Magisters that choose to do so would need to seek permission for assistance directly with the Magister Elders before being able to be assisted by a Magister in the coven. 

Solitary Magisters are also unable to perform coven magic as the magic done by a coven is weaved by trust, faith, strength and practice of those within their coven to be able to meld their magic together to be more effective.

Coven Structures/

Covens are a group of Magisters bound by a magic oath, composed of four or more members, forming an inexplicable bond that unites each member in the coven. Losing a member is the same feeling and sensation as if losing a part of yourself or a piece of you and can be very painful or a huge toll on those involved in the Coven.

When Magisters come together to form a Coven, they are able to use Coven Abilities that requires at least 3 or more members of the Coven to come together to be able to use abilities that they would not be able to use alone.  How a Coven is formed is different between Magisters as there are many different approaches, rituals, methods that have been throughout the various backgrounds of different Magisters. 

To be able to leave a Coven, the magister must sever the magical connection that unified them with their Coven and must undergo a a severe cleansing ritual. The ritual takes 2 days to complete and once done the feeling of loss, isolation and heartbreak can be felt for 24 hours regardless if the sever was intentional or not on the Magisters end that is leaving the Coven.

Council of Elders
Regardless if it is the Main Coven that is led by the Magister Elders or a Coven created by Magisters that do not join the Main Coven, Covens still follow under the Magister Elders and when a new Coven is created should be introduced to the Magister Elders. 


The Crone/Crow
The Creator of the Coven and usually the one that takes the feedback, looks out for the Coven and makes sure that their needs are heard and brought to the Magister Elder. Can be compromised of one or up to 3 in total Magisters. 



The Sisters/Brothers
Those that have grown within the Coven to be able to be deemed an official brother or sister to the Coven. These Magisters have gone through the trials and tribulations to show that they are there for their Coven and have shown they desire to stay.


The Magi 
Those pledging to a coven, their time as a Magi determined by the coven. Completing a significant magical task is usually the cost of joining but it can vary from Coven to Coven on what it is that is needed to join and is mandatory to be notified to The Magi what it is their goal is to be able to join from the start so that there is clear communication and transparency. 

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