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Race Haven

Wild Ride Roadhouse is the Race Haven for the Feralites and is a safe place for them to gather and meet other Feralites. All races are welcome here and are able to work here as well. Please keep in mind that is also the meeting place for the Feralites pack The Moon Called so there may be times when the Cocktail Bar is closed for Race Meetings. It is up to Race Leads to determine how the meetings are conducted so that only Feralites attend Race meetings if they do not wish for Non-Feralite Staff to be in the know. 

Race Group

Shifters, Werewolves, and Shamans have a pack that they belong to that is led by Elders called The Moon Called. The Elders are comprised of a Race Lead for each Subrace that makes decisions together for the pack and represents their respective Subrace.

Players do not have to join this pack if they do not wish to and however, can create their own packs instead though they would still follow under the orders of the Elder Lunarlites. The intent of the group is to help generate roleplay and help connect new players to roleplay together. Packs do not have to consist of all Shifters, all Werewolves, or all Shamans and can be a mixture of the three. Additionally, those that do not wish to be part of The Moon Called pack can be a lone Feralite and do their own thing however there is the possibility of being at odds with the pack depending on their actions as lone shifters still follow an Elders decision should reprimand need to take place.

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