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Humans have no special abilities and are the natural in Cruxweld. While they do not have anything that makes them super or extraordinaire, they do have opportunities to be able to become more or offer services to other races. Please be mindful that depending on the avenue you take you could be subjected to Dark RP or Mature topics. Humans have no special appearances , are vulnerable to illness and need to eat food and drink water to survive.

Consent is taken seriously here on sim but you are also responsible for conveying your limits/boundaries as well.

If you are unsure of what race you are wanting to apply in, you can always start off as a human and see what interests you then from there with the help of another player, roleplay being changed into that race.

Roleplay Path Options for Humans
Since Humans do not have Abilities, these are optional paths that you can take playing as a human and are meant to serve as a guide (not as a requirement) to help look at potential paths or inspire paths that you can take for your Human Character

Blood Doll/Food Source

Humans can seek out to be a Blood Doll or Food source to a race that they wish to provide that service to. The respective race that takes on a human in this aspect is responsible for making sure they do not over indulge and take care of the human during feeding. 
((Please note depending on the player this route can lead to potential ERP / Dark RP. Please make sure to state boundaries and limits. This requires OOC Consent as well.))

Ownership Opportunities

Humans can seek out a specific race to see if a player within that race would be willing to take ownership of you. If the specific race decides to do so that player would be responsible for your character however you would be at their command. Being owned gives you the right to live with your Owner lives in South Cruxweld should they choose that.  ((Please note depending on the player this route can lead to potential ERP / Dark RP. Please make sure to state boundaries and limits. This requires OOC Consent as well.))

Protection Opportunities

Humans can seek out protection from a specific race in exchange for services. It can be information that  can be sought for and relayed on behalf, food services, ownership, etc. These are only suggestions though what can be provided for protection is dependent on the players though both must agree on the terms.
((For anything that involves ERP / Dark RP in exchange for Protection, please make sure to obtain OCC Consent))

Being Turned Into Another Race

Humans have the ability to be able to be turned into another race (Along with other Races where it applies.) If you are unsure of what race you wish to be or are curious about trying a race you haven't roleplayed as before, this is a good opportunity to see what they are like and find a player to roleplay turning you into the race they are in. If there is a race that you are interested in becoming and are able to be turned into.

Slice of Life

Humans (And other races as well) have the option to go the slice of life route where they can live their lives, work, make friends, have a family and go day to day. If you are looking for a non-combative kind of roleplay you can start here and see where things take you.
((Please note, playable characters, even playable family members must be 18+. NPC family members must also be 18+ and can only be used within your residential rental to be used on Sim. NPCs cannot be used for combat or to create unfair situations either. Any NPCs that are to be played/used that are not 18+ must be done so OFF SIM ONLY.))

Supernatural Front

Humans can be a front for a supernatural as to help not raise suspicion in the veiled world of North Cruxweld. Some examples are that they could pose as family member to a supernatural that they have been part of the family, front as a Business Owner for a Supernatural that can be passed down the family while the Supernatural operates in the shadows, etc. 


Humans are able to be turned into the following races:



Once someone is turned into another race, they lose the abilities that came with their previous race and are replaced with the race that they are now and lose any magic they once held as well if they were a race that used magic. Memories carry over however it would only be that, the memory of what they once were able to do and no longer able to do. Spells,potions, rituals etc a player will still remember how to do but they would no longer have the access to the magick to perform them. 

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