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General Sim Rules

Keep in mind that rules are subject to change as deemed necessary.  Keep an eye out for notices of changes and read them when they are released.

Please not that it is EVERY players responsibility to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the website and to ask questions for anything they do not understand or need clarification on. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Staff for further assistance. 

Be Respectful/
No Griefing

 We do not tolerate bullying, discrimination or harassment of any kind within our community While we understand that certain scenarios, characters, and personality types are completely plausible and happen in real life we ask our players to refrain from roleplaying sensitive real-life issues that might offend other players  OOCly and refrain from bringing REAL LIFE RELIGION into RP whether it be the sim, backstory. Playing a character that hurls racist insults at Vampires and Werewolves, Witches, Mer etc is alright however  a character that is bigoted and hateful towards the LGBT community  as an example will not be tolerated. 

Additionally griefing or “trolling” is any activity that is solely designed to target and deliberately interfere with, restrict, or ruin, the experience of another player. Griefing typically goes hand in hand with incidents of harassment or bullying and it’s a very broad term that can cover many scenarios and is at the discretion of the Admin staff as what is determined to be griefing. If you see griefers or unsure if something is considered to be friending please bring it to Admin Staffs attention.


Speaking poorly of roleplayers or staff, purposefully antagonizing other members to elicit response, or engaging in heated arguments in public space (on sim/groups/discord) will not be tolerated at all. If you have an issue with another player please bring it to Admin Staff  or handle it privately. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.


ICA=ICC In character actions = in character consequences. 
If you don’t want to go to jail, don’t commit a crime. This sim has Werewolves. Vampire Inspired Creatures and Other creatures alike, things may get dark and violent. If you are not wanting to be part of it, do not join in on a roleplay that is doing so. It is a bracket of powerplaying. We understand and respect if there are darker scenes that you do not wish to be a part of and that is perfectly understandable if you need to fade to black. HOWEVER that scene still happened if it went down that path to start with. While you have every right to not participate in a scene you are not comfortable with does not mean you waive any consequences that would have taken place. 

Be clear about your limits and respect other people’s limits.
IC Actions = IC Consequences. 
If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime. 



Keep IC to IC, OOC to OOC.

A character does not describe the typist behind the character. Everyone is creative and likes to write different stories, which is why they are here. Do not take what their character says or does to heart, they are simply playing a role. Anything said or done OOC stays that way.  If there is something about the scene that made you uncomfortable please communicate that with the other player(s) in the scene. Communication is key to attempting to resolve situations! If you feel there has been a mix of IC and OOC in a scene or interaction please don't hesitate to bring it to staff's attention as bringing IC issues into an OOC light or OOC issues into an IC light can result in action being taken by staff. We are all here to have fun and write stories, lets not forget that. 


Group Tags

Groups and Tags - While you are not required to wear a race tag, you are required to wear a IC tag associated with this sim (RP, Race, or sim recognized group) in order to roleplay in Night's Dawn.  By accepting the RP tag in the landing zone and wearing any of our tags you show that you have read the rules. If you wish to create your own groups whether it be for a faction, coven, pack, etc you are more than welcome to do so but cannot have Night's Dawn Roleplay in the name, must not use any Icons used or related to Nights Dawn Roleplay and must have Admin approval FIRST. 


We understand that NPCs are a regular part of roleplay, and you may create some family members, a Sire, etc  however attempting to control an NPC you do not own (unless its an NPC at a business) is considered Godmodding.  You may not have NPCs that create an unfair advantage for your character such as combat for example or if you were attempting to rob someone as another example, and all use of NPC’s must be plausible for the scene but also agreed upon by the players involved.  NPC's cannot be used to avoid ICC or take blame for yours or any character.  Admin Staff reserves the right to create and utilize NPCs as needed, or to approve or deny the use of NPCs for any players, scenes, etc.

All Characters And NPCs MUST be 18+

There is no exception to this rule. This is an adult sim with adult content. This includes prim children, as prim children are NOT allowed. The character must be 18+ Physically and Mentally. No Child Avatars and No Child Like Avatars.

This includes any NPC's that have been approved by admin for use, they must also be 18+. Please keep in mind that if a character has a child(children) that are under 18 years of age, interactions/roleplay for them would need to be done off Sim. Your character can mention they have kids and talk about them but  they cannot be included in any scenes/Roleplay Interactions whether by an actual player or NPC on Sim.


These are not tolerated or allowed. 

Metagaming: A term which describes a player’s use of Out Of Character knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character’s action

Powergaming/Powerplaying:  A term in which describes a player reacting to another player without giving a chance for said person to respond and  expresses the inability to get injured and makes a player more powerful than others. Everyone takes a hit, everyone has a weakness, play to what is weak to the character.

Godmodding: A term in which describes a player forcing another’s character to do something without asking in their post

For more information on the above please click here


Post Etiquette 

Everyone has different typing styles, please give time for someone to type and follow the post order.  If you are walking into a group of 3+ you are more than welcome and encouraged to ask OOCly if there is a post order or you can wait and see the order of posts that come in and post after the last person to keep the flow going. Events and large groups are an exception. Accidents happen, just please be considerate.

For more on Roleplay Etiquette please click here

Character Appearance/

No toony/anime heads, Please let your avatar be as realistic as possible. It is understandable not everyone has the money for avatars, but make them as real as you can. 


No childlike avatars, no exceptions. This is an adult sim with adult themes. 18+ This extends to both Physical and Mental aspects of their personality.

Character Limit

Players can only have up to 3 active characters at any given time and cannot have more than 2 of the same Race/Subrace. As a reminder, if you have characters within the same Race/Subrace they cannot directly or indirectly know of or about each other including but not limited to through players. IC Communication methods such as texts emails etc, social media etc. 

If you are a Race Lead, you cannot have an additional Character in the Race/Subrace that you are leading.

If you would like to app in a new character and have reached the limit, you would need to shelve an existing character to do so (and please notify Admin Staff when you are shelving a character). Please note that for a character that was shelved, you can only bring them back once and only with Admin Approval. Once the character has been shelved a second time, they will remain shelved. 

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