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New To Playing A Ethereal?

Ethereals are often compared to Incubus or Succubus with how they are drawn to lust, intimacy and pleasure but not all Ethereals are enticed by those alone. With their abilities to weave dreams, push emotions and travel through shadows, they are often inciting different emotions to feed or sometimes to quench their need for intimacy and at times just to quench their hunger for something to do. Ethereals have a glamour to hide their true form that  can be shed off as if like a peeling off skin. Unlike their brethren they tend to be the life of the party, enticing people to suit their needs, seducing to get their ways and using their  charm to get information. With the desire to be entertained or entertain, they find creative ways to do so.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Emotional Push:
The ability to read and push specific emotions into people and supernaturals. It does not work on plants or animals (Including a shifter/shaman in their animal form) This ability can be used to force an emotion and requires touch to be used. The longer the touch is held, the stronger the emotion becomes.
(Please make sure to obtain OOC Consent and both players establish limits/boundaries especially if its used to set up ERP or Dark RP/ERP)

The ability to be able to speak into the mind of others but those without the ability are unable to respond. When attempted, the target will feel a push against their mind before the whispers of a voice in their head but will sound like as if someone next to them is speaking to them. (Those that are able to use Telepathy have an easier time shutting out this ability as well)

Blood Illusions:
This allows the Ethereal to bewitch their blood. This is to release a scent that can influence the state of their victims, causing illusions, induce hallucinations, to where their victims seem intoxicated, much like a drug. This can only effect 2 people at a time. ((Please make sure to confirm boundaries with player when using this ability))

Shadow Contract: A magical contract between a Shadowkin and a willing party. Both representatives must explicitly accept the contract while knowing it’s exact terms and cannot be under any kind of compulsion, magical or otherwise.  Can not be done under any kind of compulsion to either party. Consequences of breaking the contract must be stipulated in the contract ( player consent must be clear ) Only valid if the contract is written by a Shadowkin in their blood. Shadowkins cannot be compelled or forced to create a contract.


Both parties must comply with the terms of the contract exactly as it is written. It will be in effect until its completion or until both parties agree to end it.

Shadow Manipulation: The ability to move shadows to one's convenience and allowing one to travel within shadows. Shadows can be manipulated to form small weapons, tendrils, or even be used to attempt to paralyze someone for one post around by taking hold of a targets shadow.

Regeneration: The ability to regenerate and heal their wounds, broken/severed limbs, bruises etc but only within the darkness. They must enter a Shadow in order to take effect. If done during the day, it is slowed  and if it is at night or within total darkness it is accelerated.

Mental Strength: Due to the Ethereals strong control and know knowledge over minds and emotions, it makes the mental fortitude of the Ethereal stronger and harder to penetrate. Those with telepathy, compulsions, siren songs, etc find it much more difficult to successfully use these abilities on Ethereals.

The ability to leave the barriers of one's mind to enter someone elses dream either to observe it or control it. They can either create pleasant Dreams or Horrific Nightmares based on what the target enjoys or fears.  They can either appear as their glamour form ot their true form. Physical Damage cannot be caused to the target through the use of this ability. The Ethereal must be in a safe environment when using this ability as their body is extremely vulnerable in this state and will remain motionless until the Ethereal has returned to their own mind.

((Please make sure to obtain OOC Consent and both players establish limits/boundaries especially if its used to set up ERP or Dark RP/ERP)

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

Corruptive Influence:

While Ethereal typically feed on positive emotions there are some that do enjoy feeding on the more negative of emotions and enjoy feeding off corruption that they bring onto others. Can only be used on one person at a time and cannot be used at the same time with any other ability but the Ethereal can influence and sway their target to give in to their temptations. How their target feels this effect (Whether it be a chorus of voices surrounding their target, a sudden urge to complete a specific temptation, etc) is up to their target but requires touch to be able to be completed.  This only lasts for the scene and cannot be used to cause harm to the target or self harm the target. (Requires OOC Consent) 


Wards: Ethereals are susceptible to wards. When near them they become disoriented and can get confused. Wards against an Ethereal can be used to temporarily trap them or prevent them from entering a location to a degree. (Cannot be used on public areas or businesses)


Purified Salt: Salt that is treated under the appropriate process/rituals by a Magister creates Purified Salt. This harms the Ethereal much like Silver to Shifters.

Lack of Intimacy: Given the type of creatures Ethereals are, they crave intimacy in all its many and different forms. Whether it be physical touch, deep conversations, or just receiving feeling the emotions from those nearby are some examples. If they do not get it, every couple of days, they become weaker and hungrier.


Dead Man's Blood: This is a toxin for the Ethereal. Should they be injected with the blood of a dead being, supernatural and human alike, it causes uncomfortable sensations and paralysis, rendering the Ethereal immobile for 2 In Character hours, or if it is drained from the being.​ 

Mistletoe: a plant that attaches to a host which they extract water and nutrients much like a parasite. Once grazed, the plant will take root over the host's skin, rooting into them, spreading a long the skin sprouting buds, which over a lengthy time could kill an immortal by cardiac arrest, seizures, hypertension, and by draining their entire magical nutrient leaving them a hollow core.


Ethereals are known to look very dream like in their true appearance and are rumored to be exceptionally beautiful however there are Ethereal that choose to have a more grotesque appearance as well. Ethereals have been seen to have horns, wings, claws, demonic like eyes, sharp teeth etc but like a dream, each Ethereal is different. 



  • Ethereals are known to be dreamwalkers, fascinated with what people dream about and what goes on in the mind of others.

  • Alot of Ethereals are usually very intinuitve with how to pick up on emotions since they are used to feeling them and correlating them with body language and expressions.

  • They are known to be fascinated with stars, outer-space and how dreamlike the qualities of the universe can bring.

  • Known to be very good with their words, having a silver tongue is a common phrase they here and are used to being told they are charming as well.

  • In the same aspect of being good with their words, they are known to be good with having witty remarks, being able to think on their feet and tend to find loopholes in things

  • Crafty, Cunning and Calculated are something that Ethereals tend to be viewed as, always planning, always thinking, especially with the all the information they tend to find in the dreams of others

  • Ethereals tend to be drawn to the dark, enjoying the embrace of the abyss and marvel at the way shadows dance on lights.


Ethereals are only able to reproduce with other Ethereals to be able to sucessfully have a spawn. Should they attempt to reproduce with another race/subrace, then there is a chance that that they may die after birth. The spawn would only take the abilities of one of the parents, not both.

Shadowkin cannot reproduce with Mythics or Spectrals. 



Ethereals feed on the energy they get  from their preferred emotions of choice.  Ethereals tend to feed on more postive emotions and more sensual emotions but there is no specific emotion they need to feed from as all of them feed an Ethereal equally. The only differences between emotions would be which tastes better to the specific Ethereal.

When an Ethereal feeds off their target, their target can feel tired, sleepy, drained, confused, or even feel off. The pull from their emotions can be felt but depending on the emotion may not always notice right away if at all.

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