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Delvoidus Organization

Lead: Dante Velethrix( Silensnoctua)   Co-Lead: 

History of Delvoidus

When the Supernatural halted the peace and quiet within Cruxweld was when things began to take a turn for the worst. What were just stories, folklore, myths, legends, rare sightings that could never be proven were now front and Center for the Town. There was a mixed reaction to the breaking of the veil that took place and it  caused internal conflict between races but also led to the murders of the humans that resided there unknowing of what they were going to face. Cruxweld was in a state of frenzy, panic, there was destruction that took place among the once quiet and mundane town though with nothing like this in place to stop it, Supernaturals that were aware they couldn't truly be stopped decided to continue on as they were and spread chaos as far as they could whether alone or in organized groups. It was here that the Supernaturals that did not agree with what was being done, that wanted to band together to put an end to it began to organize themselves as well.

It took a bit at first as there was an expectation to keep to the veil before and while there was no force or group to keep all of them to adhere that it was the understanding that survival was easier if they were in the shadows so perhaps that was the binding reason that kept them at bay at first but with that realization brought a question. Where do they start and what would such a group look like that would help keep Supernaturals in line? They werent entirely sure on that honestly and it was hard to get an idea with so many different opinions. It was until one Supernatural by the name of Delvoi Duspertin rose up to take charge and organize the group of supernaturals that wanted to fight back against the ones that were causing havoc. At first they didnt' have a name, no real structure and as they tried to combat the Supernatural as they were it was for lost cause as they lost more then they killed. 


Over time, they began to become more unified and Delvoi learned what it took to become a leader, the sacrifices that needed to be made and the type of decision making that needed to be done to move forward and succeed. It was through Delvoi's leadership that those that followed him decided on the name Delvoidus for the Organization they were creating. With them becoming more strategic and more recognized as a task force to help combat the unruly ones that stepped out of line they became a bigger name through the supernatural. It was Delvoi's call to have an Ancient Magister  assist with creating the Veil for North Cruxweld while the decision also came for Cruxweld to become North and South Cruxweld. From there, they decided to split into two resources to help keep an eye on things and in South Cruxweld they remained known as the Delvoid Organization however in North Cruxweld they went under the guise of the Police Force there.

The Police Force, while under Delvoidus was still able to operate on their own to a degree in North Cruxweld so not everyone that joined the Police Force was a part of the Organization but everyone in the Organization had the opportunity to be part of the Police Force that took place there. Delvoi figured it was best to let them police themselves and only step in when needed or when things were getting out of hand but it was easier to explain police transfers or higher up coming into town than other means that would make covering up tracks in regards to the humans a bit more challenging. Since the division, this is how the Organization worked and functioned only learning more and becoming more efficient as time went on. Their primary goal, keeping the Veil in North Cruxweld as well as policing the humans and making sure that those in South Cruxweld did not become out of line. 


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