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Cruxweld Lore
(And the Creation of North And South Cruxweld)


Cruxweld, located in the Urban areas of New York,  was once a peaceful town of humans that had no knowing of the supernatural aside from common folklore and superstitions. It was a rather bustling abode that had lived its life through mundane tasks and mundane days where working, raising a family and enjoying ones hobbies were the only worries that one could have aside from the normal greed and selfishness that could be experienced from time to time. Fishing, Boating,  Swimming, Clubbing, Trading or Crafting were some of the things that filled the day to day lives of the residents in Cruxweld. 

Something that the humans of Cruxweld didnt know is that there were supernatural living among them as many were attracted by the Ley Line Nexus that was found, for some it was their eating grounds and for others where they went for various forms of entertainment at their own leisure.  For a time, things were peaceful and races co-existed here but there were always the few that decided that the peace was never enough or perhaps that it was just a illusion that didn't sit right with them. With the lull of the world, those that would prefer chaos and distraught, discord and at times violence decided to break the silence and take fun into their own hands. It was through that chaos that raged that the Delvoidus Organization was born, comprised of Supernatural that didn't agree with those disturbing the peace to help keep those that went too far in line though while it helped mitigate, it didnt help solve the problem as it only incited more to break from their slumber to challenge the Delvoidus. 

With the the presence of Supernaturals now aware, Cruxweld had to face the shocking revelation that the stories they once heard were no longer just campfire stories to scare people or books based on vivid imagination...No, they were very real now and very present. Panic and fear swept through Cruxweld as humans tried to get a grip on the home that they felt belonged to them and them alone. With rising tension, Humans began to fight back and it was through this that the Guardians were born, Humans that had undergone training to be a bit more than the average human that helped try to keep tensions lowered. Magisters, humans that learned to harness the magic that the Ley Lines produced and able to wield it had also stepped forward to help keep tensions lowered. With the fighting, disagreements and war that had almost taken place, It was in this manner and reason that Cruxweld split into two places and became North and South Cruxweld at the decision of the Delvoidus Organization. The Organization had devised the separation to help keep order within the once unified Town and to help keep any outside forces to come interfere and make things worse. What was originally one town under the same ruling separated between woods became two different districts.

North Cruxweld

In North Cruxweld, the veil was created and protected by an Ancient Magister that made it so that Humans could not speak of Supernatural Sightings, Events, or of the Supernatural overall only within North Cruxweld to help prevent any mass hysteria from ever breaking out again and keep the appearance that only Humans resided in North Cruxweld.The Ancient Magister had used a Hex to create this safety protocol however with it being an old magick that was used, the information on how to undo the Hex had been damaged, lost and forgotten over time making it impossible to ever learn the ways of the Old Magick.

  The hex only worked within North Cruxweld and with this in place, it helped to mask the Supernatural from the Humans and eventually they went back to how they were, clueless to the hidden world around them for those that were fortunate to not have a run in with the Supernatural.  Over time, due to the Hex that was in place most of the Humans forgot or chose to forget the existence of the Supernaturals but there were some Humans that were too scared to ever forget. Families over time either prepped their own with the information they did know of Supernaturals outside of the walls of North Cruxweld and some chose to shelter their own from the information hoping they would never need to know.

Those that did not have that fortune because of supernaturals that broke Veil and were witnessed by a Human, that Human was able to go to South Vexford and report the Veil Break or the event that took place to the Delvoidus Organization and from there they would cascade the news to the Race Lead  to further look into or  depending on frequency of the veil break and severity of the actions that took place the Organization themselves would further look into it.


Cruxweld Forest

While there are no race specific areas, Cruxweld forest is a home for those that loved to be surrounded by nature. Magisters, Feralites and even some of the Mythics depending on the kind were found to be in the Cruxweld Forest and it were the Ancients of the races that had witnessed the Forest Guardians, creatures that surpassed any of whom walked the worlds with tales of them having been rather known. Current residents of North and South Cruxweld have never seen them but the only depictions that have been made of the Forest Guardians were the statues that held at the entry path of the forest. The Forest Guardians were known to be kind to those that respected the forest and nature within and cruel to those that did not. While not all of the Feralites, Mythics or Magisters believed in the Forest Guardians, there were many that abided by the stories and made sure to respect the forest and did right by the entities to ensure that they would not be plagued by their wrath. Once a month, it could be found a gathering at the statues that were created in respect and tribute to these entities a celebration of sorts to appease them and ensure that the forest could continue be a realm for many to venture in safely.

South Cruxweld

In South Cruxweld is where there is no veil, Supernatural able to roam as freely as they wished to do so as it was their home. It was here that they cultivated their own world and their own life, a town of their own to be able to be more free to their nature and breathe a fresh air that was harder to do when Cruxweld was unified. South Cruxweld did not oppose humans from entering, instead it became a Enter At Your Own Risk for Humans and opened the possibility for interactions as well between the Races in South Cruxweld as well.  In South Cruxweld, it held a merriment of diversity on what you could find as there was a Black Market  for Humans that wanted to seek services of the Supernatural or offer themselves for services to the Supernatural. The Black Market held other opportunities as well if you knew what to look for and what to ask for as well. South Cruxweld held opportunity to find what you wanted if you knew where to look for it as even the brightest light casted the darkest of shadows and if you looked hard enough, sometimes things werent always what they seemed. If you werent careful, you could land yourself in some dark waters. 




With Cruxweld now divided and the respective towns now with their own set of fun, chaos or order to have them held together, it was only a matter of time before new conflict emerged during the slice of life moments that each individual had. Would there be forces that tried the Organization whether banding together to try to oppose them? Would there be races that would try to take advantage of the Unveil in South Cruxweld and bring discord and chaos? Or would the Humans try to war against the supernatural to keep North Cruxweld truly safe for those that were in the know. The possibilities are endless but all that is known is that each individual has the power to change, shape and bring a new breath of life to the lives of those dwelling within Cruxweld. With that in mind, what new events could shake up the worlds of the worlds of these individuals and what discourse may be sought to life. Only the sands of time can tell. 


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