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New To Playing a Technokeeper?

Technokeepers, unlike their brethren went a different route to be able to find a way  to stand up Supernaturals and help keep the peace as well as protect the veil. Technokeepers looked to technology rather than bio testing and tried to resolution through the electronics that surrounded them and in return found a way to combine machine with humans. With the power of Magisters,  they found a way to magically meld machinery to certain parts of their body and make them a functioning part of their body. Taking after cyborgs, they tend to have limbs or parts of their body that are robotic in nature however they still are human and still have the major organs that require a human to function. With their robotic parts being magically melded, Technokeepers have the ability to glamour the robotic parts of them to be able to keep the veil. Like their brethren, they are immune to the hex but are not ones to break the veil either. Technokeepers are also seen working for  the Delvoidus Organization or with the North Cruxweld Police Department but like their bretheren also have some that find their own path as far as how to keep to keep the peace and protect the veil.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Combat Masters: Peacekeepers are trained in different forms of combat and knowledgeable in different kinds of weaponry as well. They are skilled in projectile weaponry as well. (Only Peacekeepers do not need to select this as a skill to be able to use it)

Medical: The study of medical science as practiced by doctors and nurses in modern times, inclusive of blood, disease, cures, broken bones, injuries, etc. Technokeepers are knowledgeable in the medical field and comes in handy when needing to assist with emergencies.(Only Peacekeepers do not need to select this as a skill to be able to use it)


Pharmaceutical:  In addition to being knowledgeable in the medical field, they are also knowledgeable in pharmaceuticals and of the chemistry behind medicines, poisons, antidotes, and how to administer them. (Only Peacekeepers do not need to select this as a skill to be able to use it)

Crafting Knowledge: Technokeepers with the amount of tinkering that they do and are drawn to are knowledgeable in crafting and know how to craft in the following feilds: gunsmith, locksmith, brightsmith, bladesmith, blacksmith. WIth their areas of expertise thet are able to create weaponry and traps to use against supernaturals.  (Only Technokeepers do not need to select the skills above to be able to use them)


Mechanical Storage: Technokeepers are able to store small weapons inside their mechanical parts to help stay ready to intervene in escalations that require them to get their hands dirty in order to protect the peace or protect the veil. Technokeepers can only store one weapon per limb. 

Networking and Hacking: With the robotic parts Technomancers possess the ability to be able to install a Wifi Receiver into them and able to connect to the internet as well as able to hack as well. (Only Technomancers do not need to select the hacking skill to be able to use it)

Supernatural Historia: Peacekeepers know the basics of the different supernaturals and have an understanding of how to fight against them. This does not guarantee that they will be able to kill or injure them but knowledgeable of how to protect themselves against  them and help to give themselves an edge as result of years of studying.


Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

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