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New To Playing a Biokeeper?

Biokeepers lean more towards other methods of strengthening themselves and saw themselves a different way of being able to stand toe to toe with supernaturals. Biokeepers are the product of different kinds of testing and experimenting. Through trial and error, they are the first 'Super Humans' to come of their kind where they are faster and stronger than the average human but not quite the same strength and speed of a supernatural. Biokeepers can be seen working for the Delvoidus Organization, helping to maintain the peace and acting as the front line of defense for the Delvoidus when tensions escalate. Biokeepers tend to also work for the North Cruxweld Police Department however they are able to choose their own path on how order should be kept and how the veil should be protected. Biokeepers are Immune to the Hex that was placed for reasons unknown but are not ones to break veil.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Longevity Enhancements: Keepers can live far longer than other humans through a result of the testing that has been done on them and as a result age slower than humans. This has allowed the Peacekeepers to be able to fight the good fight for much longer. They also have higher pain thresholds and also have more stamina than the average human.

Bio Mark- When in physical contact with their target they are able to transfer a bit of their energy to the target and creates a mark that the Biokeeper will be able to follow. Regardless of where the target goes, the Biokeeper will be able to feel the mark if they are nearby. While this cannot be used to get an exact location, its enough to bring them close to the target's area. This ability only lasts for a day. 

Enhanced Memory:  Biokeepers are able to quickly recall the imagery of scene, how items are placed, the shape of footprints, the type of material, colors, etc within the current day and the day before as anything further is harder to remember vividly causing details to be missed. Even if the Biokeeper is unable to draw what they recall, they are able to vividly describe what they see with their eyes closed.

Combat Masters: Peacekeepers are trained in different forms of combat and knowledgeable in different kinds of weaponry as well. They are skilled in projectile weaponry as well. (Only Peacekeepers do not need to select this as a skill to be able to use it)

Medical: The study of medical science as practiced by doctors and nurses in modern times, inclusive of blood, disease, cures, broken bones, injuries, etc. Biokeepers are knowledgeable in the medical field and comes in handy when needing to assist with emergencies.(Only Peacekeepers do not need to select this as a skill to be able to use it)


Pharmaceutical:  In addition to being knowledgeable in the medical field, they are also knowledgeable in pharmaceuticals and of the chemistry behind medicines, poisons, antidotes, and how to administer them. (Only Peacekeepers do not need to select this as a skill to be able to use it)

Supernatural Historia: Biokeepers know the basics of the different supernaturals and have an understanding of how to fight against them. This does not guarantee that they will be able to kill or injure them but knowledgeable of how to protect themselves against  them and help to give themselves an edge as result of years of studying.

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

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