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Combat Rules

These are things to keep in mind when engaging in combat in Nights Dawn Roleplay. Please keep in mind that ICC (In Character Consequences) do apply so if you don't want to be in a fight, I suggest don't do things that would typically start one. If two players cannot agree on an outcome, roll a dice though be warned dice roll is final say on the matter.

Free Form Vs Dice.

In Night's Dawn Roleplay, the intended preference is free form roleplay with the option to use dice. It is without said that there is the expectation that players should be fair and be reasonable. Someone that is faster typically isnt always strong and vice versa. 


Roleplay can be intense, it can make us feel things and thats part of the fun of it and why alot of us enjoy roleplaying, its the adventure that it can take us on however IC hostility should never be brought to OOC level. It is different if you are reaching out to agree on an outcome, reaching out to advise comfortability concerns/limit concerns with a scene, etc but taking IC emotions and mixing them with OOC interactions is not allowed. If you cannot agree on an outcome then dice would need to be used.
The option for the dice is that if two players cannot come to an agreement on an outcome, then the dice will be rolled for final say. There are a numerous amount of things that  can determine a possible or preferred outcome and with free form allows creativity to blossom as there are things like a mind state, strength, speed, Race/Subrace differences/weaknesses, abilities, wit, etc that  can determine how something happens.


When it  comes to combat, it is  two actions per post. One is for the set up, the next is for the action. 
When it comes to defense, the same applies as it is two actions per post, one is for the set up, the next is for the action. Actions, whether offensively or defensively are always going to be attempts and should be listed as such. One player cannot and does not control how the other players character will take or react to ones actions but can suggest what the outcome would be like for the other player to deny, accept or slightly modify how the action could affect their character.

John decided that he had enough of Smith's attitude and smiled as he leaned back his arm and took aim for his head and threw it forward as he tried to hit Smith in the face. If the attack connected then there was the possibility it could have knocked Smith onto floor.

Smith John almost didn't see the punch coming and managed to process in the punch in time. As he tried to process it all, he raised his hands as quickly as he could to attempt to grab John Smith's wrist with both his hands.

Powergaming/ Powerplaying

Powergaming/Powerplaying is not tolerated here.

Powergaming or also known as Powerplaying is when a player manipulates their character's abilities, powers or skills so that their character always has an advantage in the situation and essentially cannot lose or cannot be put at a disadvantage. This could be as simple as always knowing the best spell, being a master in all kinds of fighting style. weapons, etc.  Powerplaying can often be confused with godmodding, due to how close the two are tho the difference between them is that godmodding is more controlling the other players character, while powerplaying is focused on your own character and manipulating the scene through them.

All characters have limits, all characters have strengths and weaknesses, all characters have the ability to be killed, take damage and harmed. All characters will be stronger than some in some aspects and weaker than others in some. There is no one character that is the fastest,strongest/bravest/smartest, etc all the time.


Metagaming is not tolerated here.

Metagaming is when a player has become aware of or told about information pertaining to or directly regarding an ongoing storyline or situation and then, by means of role play, uses that information either to their own benefit or as a means to interact with/against other players.


Essentially it is using what you have learned OOCly abd bringing it into an IC setting. This is different from getting clarification/feedback from another player or having information for things to be added into the scene as long as the player has provided explicit consent to do so.

In OOC you and a player discussed that their character has been responsible for crime that took place in a scene. Later on ICly, without any RP happening to justify how your character would know that, approaches the other players character about the crime.


God Modding is not tolerated here.

Godmodding in its simplest terms is controlling another player's character without their permission. Godmodding can be as basic stating that a character is holding a drink in their hand at a party that the player has not stated their character is holding, or mentioning a type of clothing a character is wearing that the player has not stated that their character is wearing.

Some examples of Godmodding but are not limited to are:


  • A player who tries to control things that are not under their control, i.e. the reactions and emotions of other people's characters

  • Auto-hitting/killing or simply wielding so much power that they are on 'God' status.

  • Stating and acting as if your character  cannot be harmed in any means.

  • Stating and acting as if your character can not run out of energy/magic/etc

  • Stating an action taking place that does not give the player the ability to potentially avoid or determine the outcome for their character. 

    An example of Godmodding in a Post:
    John looked at Doe and decided that he had enough of what Doe was saying and punched him in the face, his hand connecting with ease and didnt feel any pain at all from the punch.

    An example of how this could be done to a void Godmodding:
    John looked at Doe and decided that he had enough of what Doe was saying and swung his arm back, aiming for Doe before throwing his hand forward once he was sure. If he was successful then he would feel his hand connect with Doe's face and wince a bit at the contact made, shaking his hand some after.

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