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New To Playing a Amantis?

Masters of charisma and manipulation, Amantis excel in subtle allure and are known for their hypnotic charm and persuasive powers. Their elegance and finesse make them adept at navigating social situations and manipulating others to achieve their goals. With a keen understanding of human psychology, they effortlessly weave webs of influence, drawing unsuspecting individuals into their grasp. The Amantis are renowned for their ability to blend seamlessly into high society, using their charm to manipulate events from behind the scenes. Beware the allure of the Amantis, for once ensnared by their charisma, escape becomes nearly impossible.

Abilities that  only THIS subrace already comes with

Mind Pierce: The power to delve into the thoughts and memories of others, allowing Amantis to uncover hidden truths (Those with mental abilities will have an easier time shutting this ability out. Please make sure to obtain OOC Consent on what is able to be found).

Pleasure Bite: A bite that induces pleasure in the victim, creating an addictive allure. (Please make sure to be mindful of limits of others if this leads into ERP)

Compulsion: Using this skill, Sanguivores can compel their victim to carry out any act except one that is harmful to the victim. The Amantis must keep eye contact and be within speaking distance. This skill cannot be used to cause death or self harm, and can only be used once a day (OOC Consent).(Cannot be combined with or done at the same time as other abilities )

Enthralling Whispers: With a mere whisper, the Amantis can captivate the minds of those around them, filling their thoughts with compelling suggestions and commands. This ability allows them to subtly manipulate the actions and decisions of others, steering them towards desired outcomes without their targets even realizing they're being influenced (unless the influence goes against their nature). Limited to two people per scene, and requires OOC Consent. (Cannot be combined with or done at the same time as other abilities)


Memory Manipulation: By tapping into their target's subconscious mind, the Amantis can manipulate or even erase a recent memory (within the current scene), altering their perceptions of recent past events or implanting false memories altogether (OOC Consent). Victims will feel as if they have misplaced something or forgotten something and lost memories can be restored by Shadowkin.

Enhanced Senses: Sanguiviveurs possess heightened senses that make them formidable hunters. Their sight improves in the dark, allowing them to navigate the night with ease. Their acute hearing enables them to detect the heartbeats of other beings within a 20-meter radius, akin to a chat range. With age and increasing skill, sanguivores may even discern different races based on the unique rhythms of heartbeats.

Physical Prowess: Faster, stronger, and more durable than the average human, sanguivores are adept predators in the supernatural hierarchy. Their physical prowess is a testament to their immortal nature, granting them an edge in combat and survival.

Healing and Regeneration: The swiftness of a sanguivore's healing is intricately linked to the severity of their wounds and their recent feeding. Minor injuries vanish almost instantly, especially if the sanguivore is well-fed, while more severe wounds may take hours to days for complete recovery. Aggravated damage, particularly from confrontations with other supernatural entities, might necessitate external healing assistance, a process hindered by the duration since the last feeding.

Optional Abilities
Up to 5 Additional abilities that are only for THIS  subrace that can be selected when applying for your character.

Transmutation: The ability to transmute small quantities of raw inorganic substances into equal quantities of a different raw inorganic substance (sand to silver, etc.). This can also transmute existing objects into other states. For example, they can transmute the edge of a wooden door into steel, fuse the edge of the door into the wall by making them the same substance, etc. No more than 3 lbs of any raw substance may be transmuted within a 48 hour period and it cannot be used on organic materials. It requires you to have raw materials available at your disposal. No other ability can be used at the same time as this ability.


Calligramancy: This ability is entirely reliant on utilizing paper and ink, and will not work if attempted with any other mediums. With imagery, can cause ink like illusions to spring forth from the artwork that impact a maximum of three senses at a time (sight, smell, sound, touch, etc). These images cannot cause harm but can be used to disorient, distract, or attempt to influence their target (Will require OOC consent). With the written word, in order for an illusion to spring forth it must be a single sentence comprised of eight words or less. Can  be used to send messages in the same manner, but no farther than a five mile radius and they must be written on paper before send off. This ability cannot be used to force anyone to do anything, cause physical harm, and only lasts for the duration of the scene.


  • Beheading: The only sure way to end vampiric existence.

  • Parity: If the pleasure bite inflicts aggravated damage, the Amantis suffers empathetic damage in return until healed by a Magister or healer.

  • Backlash: A failed compulsion will leave the Amantis stunned, rendering them incapacitated for 2 post-rounds.

  • Vulnerability to Sincerity: The Amantis's reliance on manipulation and deception leaves them particularly vulnerable to genuine displays of sincerity and honesty. When confronted with heartfelt emotions or genuine intentions from others, their psychological defenses weaken, and their ability to manipulate and charm diminishes significantly. Acts of genuine kindness or sincerity can disrupt their carefully crafted schemes and expose their true nature, leaving them disarmed and vulnerable to counterattack.

  • Fire: Fire damage can affect a sanguivore perhaps beyond the ability to heal/be healed, depending on severity.

  • Hunger: An unfed sanguivore will weaken with each day that passes that they have not fed. If they go beyond the timeline (explained in the “FEEDING” section), they weaken to catatonia and cannot move until fed by another.

  • Iron: Poisonous when applied to the skin or injected, causing a slowly degrading wound or systemic degradation and possible death.

  • Staking: A wooden stake piercing the heart incapacitates a sanguivore until removed, and an incapacitated sanguivore is unfed.

  • Sunlight: The severity of this weakness varies among individuals. Some may only suffer mild discomfort, while others could face severe burns or even disintegration if exposed for too long.

  • The Ancient Ones, as the elders of the race are known, are subject to paranoia and madness with increasing propensity after 2,000 years.

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